These are 8th Graders…

The Diamond All-American Spring Game

For those of us who have sons who have played on National 8th grade (2021) All-American Football Teams, this isn’t going to be news.  Take a good look at the picture attached to this article.  Every kid depicted is an 8th grade rising 9th grade player.  He doesn’t look like your local middle school player does he?  He doesn’t look anything similar to how you remember a middle school football player looked in your day either does he?  No sir, he doesn’t.

Today’s National Level 2021 kid is bigger than you would think,  faster than you could possibly fathom, with strength levels for which any reasonable person would demand tangible, recorded proof.  There is a reason 8th grad kids get recruited now a days and some even offered, as 8th Graders.  All the kids you see depicted in the attached picture will either start immediately as 9th graders or earn Varsity Letters as 9th graders.  None of them will play 9th grade football and few will play Junior Varsity.  This is why Kentucky Prep Gridiron covers 2021 kids in 2017.  Get with the times, because Middle School Football, the feeder for any Varsity Prep Program, looks nothing like you remember.

On another note, Jaylin Bross, who has before been featured on this site, is in Virginia Beach, Virginia and will represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the game.  Give them Hell, son!  We at Kentucky Prep Gridiron are proud of you and will be rooting for you.

Remember, Jaylin, what Coach Long always says….PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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