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Storm Warning

’26 OLB/WR looking to expand his versatile skills into an expansive role

Kamran Harrison is a seldom used WR who lent tremendous value to the defense in ’23. Harrison is 5’10,” 170-pound OLB who plays WR on defense and made the most out of limited targets. He is a guy whose role figures to grow in 2024 out of necessity created by graduation as much as any other factor. Harrison is an accomplished Track & Field competitor as well as a powerlifter. His improvement from freshman to sophomore was striking and profound. We expect a similar-type leap from sophomore to junior.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

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The “Harrison” family has been a boon to the fortunes of the Storm football program over the last several years. Konner is graduating this semester and is out of eligibility. However, his little brother Kamran is still around and he will be a junior in ’24.

We are led to believe by college recruiters the leap from the sophomore year to the junior year is the most profound among the four or so years a player plays high school football. If that is the case, it will be awe-inspiring what we will witness in the Fall of ’24.

Kamran Harrison, as a sophomore last season, registered 55-tackles at OLB, registered a TFL, a QB-sack, and a FF along the way. Harrison, who is a WR on offense, only caught a single ball in ’23. However, that single pass went for 24-yards and a TD.

You have heard the saying, “There are no small roles, just small actors?” There is something to be said about making the most out of the opportunities you earn or are given.

Harrison will be called upon, particularly offensively, more in ’24 than he was in ’23. Part of that is the mere fact of his being a junior as opposed to being a sophomore.

We’ve come to expect a level of excellence from ‘Harrisons’ around the Storm football program

Chris Manning, Head Football Coach

We were able to catch up to head football coach, Chris Manning. Manning told KPGFootball, “We’ve come to expect a level of excellence from ‘Harrisons’ around the Storm football program. We like what we have gotten from Kam, thus far. I, for one, am excited to see how much better he is willing to work to be and what that improvement will mean to our future success.”

Harrison is a member of the Track & Field team at Central. He is also an accomplished powerlifter and among the most powerful and explosive kids his size and age in Kentucky.

Every year Harrison has been a member of the varsity football team, and he played as a freshman, he has found a way to contribute mightily to the team’s bottom line. Every year he has improved dramatically. With the third season upcoming, there is nothing to suggest that upward trajectory will do anything but continue.

If this guy should improve as dramatically as he did from his freshman to sophomore seasons, we are looking at a regular target offensively in the downfield passing game and a guy pushing 100-tackles in 2024.

That can’t possibly do anything but help the Storm. Amen to that!

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