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The Storm Shelter is brimming with good, young talent

’27 offensive center got increasingly more PT toward the end of ’23

You hear us talk about “internet ghosts.” That term is reserved for athletes with little to no social media identity. It makes them hard to find and impossible to recruit. Clay Scott is among the better interior offensive linemen in his graduating class. We couldn’t find an “X” page for him; we couldn’t find a Hudl page which had any highlights loaded; we couldn’t find a Facebook page for him; and we couldn’t locate him on instagram. KPGFootball to the rescue. The next time you “Google” search this prospect, you’ll get our article.

Hudl Page

Clay Scott will be a sophomore in ’24. He won’t leave the Storm’s program until the Spring of ’27.

Clayton Scott at Browning Springs

That means Scott was a freshman this immediate past season. There wasn’t any varsity play forecast for this guy this past season. The forecasters missed on this cat! He played and increasingly as the season unfolded.

Scott is a talented young player who starred for Coach Tyron Gregory’s Browning Springs Middle School program formerly. He is exactly the type talent Chris Manning was brought to Morton’s Gap to attract to The Storm’s football program. Manning has done that, obviously.

Hopkins Central was 4-6 this past season but a few scores away from a 7-3; 8-2 type campaign. The last little bit of hill to climb for the program is learning how to turn tough, tight losses into wins.

That is the next step in the process. The program appears poised to make this step. Players like Scott are vitally important.

Scott is 5’11,” and weighs in the neighborhood of 210-pounds. The important thing about his game-play presently is he can snap a football.

Scott is 5’11,” weighs 210-pounds and can snap a football

Friday Night Fletch

Finding reliable and solid center play is quintessential to the execution of the Spread offense. The snap has to arrive on a pulse. It has to hit the QB in the hands most (if not all) of the time. If you mess up, and yak a snap over the head of the QB even once a ball game, it can complete alter outcomes.

By the end of the year, Scott was seeing more and more playing time at the center slot. We are being told, by our Morton’s Gap agents, Scott is expected to challenge for the starting slot in ’24.

If that is true, that gives the QBs three full season to build a rapport with the starting center. Quality play at that position is rare and often rewarded on postseason all-star teams, like all-conference and all-state.

Of course, the selection committees will have to find the players online first. Central has learned we can help with that part.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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