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’24 dual threat QB, doubling at DB, has big-time, two way production

Russ Osbourne is no stranger to this particular forum. We have been watching/covering him for a few years. He is a ’24 dual threat who can play DB (and might be a DB in college). He has a 4.0 GPA and a registered 22 on his ACT. He is 6′ tall and weighs 180-pounds and is on the radar for schools like Yale, EKU, North Carolina Wesleyan, Maryville and Centre Colleges. There are many, many more. He has an accurate and strong arm, can move around in the pocket to avoid pressure, and makes all the throws both on time and target. Osborne is an athlete and is nearly as productive on defense as he has been on offense. His Wildcats are 4-3, 1-0 in the district, and are coming off an impressive 47-0 triumph over a Pike County Central team which entered the game 5-1.

HB Lyon, Director of Scouting, KPGFootball
Thursday night's score: Shelby Valley (4-3, 1-0) 47, Pike County Central (5-2, 0-1) 0

Pikeville, KY: Russ Osborne, Shelby Valley’s dual threat QB and DB, had a big, big game this past Thursday night against a Pike County Central team which entered the contest riding a 5-1 record. Of course, those of us who have followed and reported on Osborne for years are, in no way, surprised by this.

Let’s get this “right out of the way.” Shelby Valley was “all over Pike County Central,” winning the game 47-0. Shelby Valley emerged 4-3, 1-0 in district play. Pike County Central dropped to 5-2, 0-1 in the eighth district.

If you would like to watch some highlights on Osborne, we can accommodate. Look under the above picture where you see his name in “red.” That is a link to his Hudl Page and there are plenty of highlights there to enjoy.

I believe those particular highlights are from his “Junior Year.” Osbourne has been plenty good this year too, arguably even better.

[A]gainst Pike County Central, Osborne was the very picture of production and efficiency…

Friday Night Fletch

Thursday night, against Pike County Central, Osborne was the very picture of production and efficiency. Osborne completed nine (9) of his 13-passing attempts, for 295-yards passing and 4-TD’s against a lone pick.

Osborne averaged nearly 33-yards every “hook-up,” completed close to 70% of his throws, and close to every other throw resulted in a touchdown. Osborne also registered seven (7) tackles defensively.

You may be asking yourself, why are they risking injury by playing the QB on defense? Your answer is, “welcome to 2A football.” Athletes the likes of Russ Osborne are too valuable to a team to sit on either side. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn he gets some burn on specials.

On the year, Osborne has completed 103 of his 153-passing attempts (67% completion rate), for 1,7550-yards (close to 251-yards/per game) and 17-TD’s against 11-picks. Osborne has gained 283-yards rushing and scored five (5) rushing TD’s.

Osborne’s second on the team in scoring, which isn’t easy because his 17-TD strikes are “credited” to the WR, and not the QB, point-wise. Osborne has 56-tackles to his credit and an INT on the “other side” of the ball.

Osborne has completed 103 of his 153-passing attempts for 1,7550-yards, 17-TD’s, w/ 11-picks

KHSAA statistical website

Shelby Valley is coached by Anthony Hampton. Hampton, Osborne, and the Wildcats have work to do.

The “Wildcats” are home next week to play Betsy Layne. Bestsy Layne’s “Bobcats” are 7-0 and 1-0 in district play.

This is a big game. This one is for the regular season district title and the number one seed in the upcoming playoffs. We fail to see how the stakes can possibly climb much higher, at least not in a regular season game.

As a college prospect, Osborne is an interesting case. Osborne is 6,’ 180-pounds and doesn’t have blistering speed but can run. Osborne has a strong arm and can make all the throws as he has amply demonstrated.

Osborne uses his mobility to avoid pressure well and has played for a rare breed of mountain, small classification team. Shelby Valley is pretty two-dimensional. Offensively the Wildcats will “throw it around some,” as opposed to the usual brand of mountain football: the get immediately down hill in the power run game and ask questions later- type attack.

We look at the teams following Osborne on “X (@russsob_3),” and see some interesting “follows.” As we have discussed, ad nauseam, tracking a prospect’s “X” follows is a pretty accurate way to gauge the teams really recruiting him.

According to his "X" account, Yale, EKU, NC Wesleyan, Maryville College, and Centre have all "expressed interest"

Yale has expressed interest as has EKU. North Carolina Wesleyan is on board as is Maryville College. The Centre Colonels would like him to stay “home.”

If you look at his scores, 4.0 GPA and 22 registered score on the ACT, his marks are in line for the Ivy/Near Ivy experience Yale, Maryville College, and Centre offer. Osborne would easily gain admission to both EKU and NC Wesleyan and is the type athlete to succeed at any of the competitive levels.

Back to now, Osborne has challenges lying ahead. Those challenges begin in earnest this coming week when the “Bobcats” from Betsy Layne (7-0, 1-0) invade Pike County, Kentucky.

Is there an advantage for the Wildcats other than being the home team? Yeah, the Wildcats have Russ Osborne.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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