Round One…who advances

Well, it is playoff time and with this crazy pandemic, teams slipping in and then out of quarantine, limited practice times and opportunities, limited access to strength and conditioning training; it makes picking winners a dubious proposition at best. That has never stopped us.

We know many of you subscribe to this service to give you the “straight skinny” on the action before it happens. Anyone can write about the aftermath.

Well in this piece we will pick the entire first-round for you, including some unbelievable upsets. This pandemic era of football is rife with upsets. Here is how we see the first-round provided it comes off as expected.

There has already been a few forfeits, will there be more? We will have to wait and see.

Round One

Bethlehem over Campbellsville (Bethlehem won 37-19, 1-0)

Frankfort over Eminence (Eminence won 21-20, 1-1)

KCD over Berea (KCD won 62-8, 2-1)

Dayton upsets Ludlow (Ludlow held on to win 38-20, 2-2)

Nicholas County over Paris (Nicholas County won 36-16, 3-2)

Paintsville runs the clock on Betsy Lane (Paintsville won 55-8, 4-2)

Sayre’s undefeated season and fantastic year ends at Pikeville (Pikeville won 49-13, 5-2)

Pineville all over Harlan (Pineville won 21-14, 6-2)

Williamsburg over Lynn Camp (Williamsburg won 42-0, 7-2)

Breathitt wins over Knott County (Breathitt won 66-26, 8-2)

Riverbank won’t look like this Friday night, but it is still a hard place to invade and exit with a victory. Ask anyone who had tried it the previous two regular seasons.

Carroll over Gallatin (Carroll County won 46-9, 9-2)

Clinton over Edmondson (Edmondson won 26-12, 9-3)

Metcalfe over Monroe (Metcalfe won 34-6, 10-3)

Leslie advances over Middlesboro (forfeit)

Caldwell upsets Murray (Murray won 35-28, 10-4)

Newport over Lloyd (Lloyd won 20-13, 10-5)

Shelby Valley over Martin County (Shelby won 29-22, 11-5)

Danville sends Somerset packing (Somerset won 48-14, 11-6)

Owensboro Catholic over McLean, c’mon McLean you can’t put the Aces out two years in a row! (O. Cath. won 40-22, 12-6)

Walton-Verona upends Shawnee (Walton Verona won 41-8, 13-6)

West Carter runs the clock on Prestonsburg (West Carter won 36-8, 14-6)

Ashland Blazer runs the clock on Greenup County (AB won 47-0, 15-6)

Bardstown over LaRue (Bardstown won 60-28, 16-6)

Belfry may beat Magoffin by a hundred (Belfry won 54-12, 17-6)

Bell County over McCreary Central (Bell County won 43-6, 18-6)

DeSales ends CAL’s season (CAL won 7-3, 18-7)

Thomas Nelson gets clocked by Elizabethtown (E-Town won 63-7, 19-7)

Glasgow over Adair (Glasgow won 48-21, 20-7)

Mercer County over Henry County (Merecer County won 53-10, 21-7

The Blue Tornado (Paducah Tilghman) clocks Trigg (Paducah Tilghman won 53-21, 22-7)

Russell wins convincingly over East Carter (Russell won 47-28, 23-7)

Union County runs the clock on Webster (Union county won 54-26, 24-7)

Franklin-Simpson upends Allen-County Scottsville (ACS won 50-28, 24-8)

Hopkinsville all over Calloway and convincingly (HHS won 21-17, 25-8)

Central beats the ever-loving crap out of Waggener (Central won 34-7, 26-8)

Corbin over Lincoln (Corbin won 38-14, 27-8)

Franklin County clocks Shelby County (Franklin county won 41-12, 28-8)

Johnson Central by 60 over Harlan County (Johnson Central won 46-8, 29-8)

Letcher County Central over Perry County Central but not by the margin one might expect (Letcher County Central won 39-0, 30-8)

Hopkins County Central upends Logan County in the commonwealth’s “first ever” 4-seed beats 1-seed in playoff history! (Logan County won 50-30, 30-9)

Russell County ends Warren East’s season (Warren East won 33-14, 30-10)

Spencer County over Moore (Spencer County won 48-6, 31-10)

Wayne County sends Knox Central packing (Knox Central won 46-36, 31-11)

Bowling Green beats Greenwood as badly as it wants (BG won 35-7, 32-11)

Bullitt Central over Western (Bullitt won 33-32, 33-11)

Conner over Highlands (Highlands won 27-16, 33-12)

Covington Catholic doesn’t lose first round games, sorry Cooper (Cov. Cath. won 36-8, 34-12)

Fairdale over Doss (Fairdale won 49-8, 35-12)

“Freddy D” spanks Great Crossing (Frederick Douglass won 62-21, 36-12)

Graves County over Grayson (Graves won 42-19, 37-12)

Madison Southern over Martha Layne Collins (Madison Souther won 35-14, 38-12)

North Bullitt over Atherton (N. Bullitt won 54-9, 39-12)

Owensboro (Senior) High beats Breckinridge as badly as the Red Devils want (Senior all over Breck., 81-6, 40-12)

Pulaski County all over North Laurel (Pulaski won 33-12, 41-12)

Scott County over Grant (Scott won 62-12, 42-12)

South Oldham over J-Town by a ton (South won 36-6, 43-12)

Christian County has won a single game in two-years. The Colonels have lost 19 of its last 20 games over the past three seasons. South Warren makes that figure 20 of its past 21-games. South Warren runs the clock against Christian County. (South Warren won 36-8, 44-12)

Southwestern over Whitley (Southwestern won 42-15, 45-12)

Woodford County over West Jessamine (Woodford County won 54-28, 46-12)

Bryan Station over Madison Central (Bryan Station survives 14-13, 47-12)

Dixie Heights ends SK’s year (Dixie Heights won 34-33, 48-12)

We like Oldham County to upset GRC (Oldham County won 31-21, 49-12)

Henderson County over Daviess (Henderson won 49-42, 50-12)

Henry Clay over Lafayette (Henry Clay won 31-13, 51-12)

McCracken beats Apollo but not by as much as one would think (McCracken won 21-13, 52-12)

Meade County over Central Hardin (Meade won 21-9, 53-12)

North Hardin over Barren County (North Hardin won 42-6, 54-12)

Paul Laurence Dunbar over Tates Creek (Paul Laurence Dunbar won 23-20, 55-12)

St. Xavier over PRP (St. Xavier won 37-0, 56-12)

Hazard upends Phelps on the new turf in the pristine facility (Hazard won 37-14, 57-12)

Hancock County beats Todd County convincingly this time (Hancock won 36-0, 58-12)

Holmes over Boyd County (Boyd won 55-14, 58-13, this was a tremendous upset. Holmes had beaten Boyd in the regular season by double-digits and had a substantially higher RPI .57830 to .45707). This may have been the first 4 beats 1-seed jn KHSAA playoff history!

There you go subscribers, there is the entire first-round picked for you. Now lets just get to Friday night safely, and see how it all proceeds!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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