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Rohan Taylor, No. 9, '25 QB, Lexington Henry Clay

’25 QB hopes to build off his performance in ’23 for his senior year

Rohan Taylor is a crafty, undersized guy with plenty of pluck playing QB for the Henry Clay Blue Devils. Taylor led the team in passing in spite of his playing 6A football while standing 5’8,” and weighing 150-pounds. This guy has his work cut out for him to get the Blue Devils out of the 7th-District cellar. Is he the man for the job? We think so.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

In 1834, the first four-room, public school was built in Lexington, KY. It was sponsored by William Morton.

Seventy years later, it morphed into a four-year high school on the corner of Walnut and Short. This school was named Morton High.

In 1927, the BOE permitted the building of a new school on East Main Street. This school would be named Henry Clay High School at the request of the Daughters of the American Revolution. These are NOT women who get turned down by any governing body too often.

Henry Clay was an American lawyer and statesman who represented Kentucky in the US Senate and the House of Representatives. He was the 7th-House Speaker, and the 9th-Secretary of State.

He ran for President in 1824, 1832, and 1844 losing all three times. He helped found the National Republican Party.

They called him “The Great Compromiser.” Along with Daniel Webster and John C. Calhoun he would comprise a third of the “Great Triumvirate” in Congress.

Rohan Taylor was the ball club’s most lethal offensive threat in ’23

Friday Night Fletch

The high school football team, bearing his name in Lexington, has been struggling. The Blue Devils could use some intercession from a statesman with the negotiating prowess of its namesake.

Henry Clay was winless in ’23, posting an 0-11. Its closest brush with victory came in the opener against 3A, Fleming County, where it dropped that contest, 20-18.

Some of us remember a much more vibrant, confident, and successful Blue Devil football program. Henry Clay won a football title in 1981 and were Runners-up in 1979 and 1995.

Rohan Taylor returns for his senior year in ’24 at QB. He was the ball club’s most lethal offensive threat in ’23 and his return, both experienced and confident, bodes well for Coach Demetrius Gay’s charges.

Taylor is 5’8,” and weighs a slight buck-fifty (150-pounds). Taylor lead the team in passing, throwing for pretty close to a thousand yards (833) during the 2023 season.

Are there greener pastures on the other side of the proverbial fence? Can Taylor be the guy to lead the Blue Devils there?

I suppose we shall have to wait and see. Let’s hope so! If not Taylor, then whom?

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