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Peyton's performance to date has done nothing to dampen college program's enthusiasm towards his prospects

’24 QB is on a ton of radars heading into senior season

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This in an example of a college prospect whose numbers have been detrimentally impacted by his team’s performance but that fact hasn’t dampened college’s interest in him. DeSales has struggled of late. However, we all remember when the Colts were among the more feared programs in its classification. Peyton Molter is looking to shed the old problems and make way for new growth both for the team and the program. He has the ability to make all of that happen.

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Peyton’s surname is “Molter,” which seems entirely appropriate. If you break down the surname, you will see what we mean.

First of all, “Molt,” in the way we are meaning it, is defined as an animal which sheds its exterior to make way for new growth. The suffix “er” means someone performing a particular action.

If you throw the two together, Peyton is a “Molter” alright. He has shed the ’22 season to make way for his new growth and new level of production upcoming in ’23.

Now you see why we make the “big bucks.” I bet most of you would have never come up with this preamble.

DeSales is a program which has been mightily struggling of late. In fact, the ’22 version of the program polished off a 0-10 work slate and was among the first programs to move along to basketball among Kentucky high schools.

DeSales lost 15-14 to Belfry in the Semis, as recently as 2019, on its way to a 10-win season (10-4)

KHSAA statistical website

Still, it doesn’t take too much memory to remember when they were perennially in the championship discussion, Kentucky-wide. Matter of fact, the program lost 15-14 to Belfry in the Semis, as recently as 2019, on the way to a 10-win season (10-4).

It seems a long distance from 10-4 to 0-10. Coach Mike Jackson would relate it isn’t as far an expanse as people think.

The return trip can come pretty quickly too. We believe this is a program headed back to prominence and commonwealth-wide relevance.

It will all start at the QB position, particularly for the offense. Molter returns from a year where protection and the performances around him made his statistics look worse than ordinarily.

Molter in ’22 was 96 for 204 passing for 1,109-yards with 10-TD’s against 10-picks

KHSAA statistical website

Molter was 96 for 204 passing for 1,109-yards with 10-TD’s against 10-picks. Molter will never be mistaken for a running-threat from the QB-post; however, he managed a pair of rushing scores in ’22 and was among the team leaders in scoring.

National publications the ilk of QBHitList and Prep Redzone have seen the potential. College programs from Old Dominion (NCAA, FCS Division I) to Kentucky Wesleyan (NCAA, D-2) have also.

Molter will not have to “molt” his frame. His 6’2,” 180-pounds is right in line with what programs are coveting at the QB-slot these days. That 3.6 GPA hits the spot for recruiters as well.

This is a kid who we believe very likely to “blow up” in ’23. We believe him very likely to molt out of his previous production and into something exhibiting “growth” and tremendous potential.

Remember from where you first heard this.

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