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This guy has frame for days and is a vital cog in a lethal, down-hill, run-attack

’24 OL/DL guy likely a next-level OT

Can’t coach frame. All the college recruiters across the country will tell you that. Big, hulking Noah Mollette’s going along with little notice or fanfare is one of the public relations failures of our time. We are attempting to remedy that today, in featuring this 6’5,” 280-pound behemoth.

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The Cardinals are the mascot for Martin County High School. That is rather humorous, football wise at least, for an offensive attack which threw for under 200-yards the entire ’22 season.

When you see some of the horses the Cardinals align across its front, the prodigious rushing totals star appearing more and more understandable.

Noah Mollette is such a horse. He is the “other big dawg” up front for the Cardinals, along with Tate Crum who we have before featured.

Mollette is entering his senior year and his recruitment is curiously quiet. After all, how many 6’5,” 280-pounders do we have around the commonwealth who can move like this kid?

Martin County, 7-5 in ’22, had one of the more potent run-games in Kentucky. The Cardinals, behind Mollette, gained nearly 4,000-yards rushing (3,866) and scoring just over 50-rushing TD’s (51).

The Cardinals, behind Mollette, gained nearly 4,000-yards rushing and scored just over 50-rushing TD’s

KHSAA statistics website

It is a good thing too. The passing attack was virtually non-existent. The QB’s threw for 184-yards and four (4) TD’s against seven (7)-INT’s.

Translation is quite obvious. Opponents knew exactly what was coming and still struggled to stop it.

Mollette played some DL too over the course of his junior campaign. He registered 15-tackles and a FR. While those numbers are far from stellar, he drew every double and triple team up-front, when he played defense, the opponent could contrive.

This is a big, framed-out kid with plenty of length, none of which can be coached. This would be a super, under the radar pick-up for a small college around Kentucky looking for D-1, FBS-frames.

We know a few prestigious football programs around Kentucky who need to look a bit under the radar for some top-flight talent. Hey, guys; better head on out to either Inez or neighboring Pilgrim.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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