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Oscar "JT" Adams will be quite a find for some lucky college program which prizes football players! Photo Credit: MH (Matt Hernandez) Photography

Tilghman’s senior MLB still among the elite players at his position in his graduating class across the commonwealth

I have watched this kid play throughout his middle and high school careers. He entered high school one of the more discussed and admired linebackers in Kentucky and he will leave high school the same way. Make. no mistake, partner; this kid is a freaking football player’s, football player. He will be a tremendous pickup for some lucky college program which will discover it has signed a work ethic and savvy both unequaled and beyond reproach. Can’t get much higher on any one kid than we are on this particular one.

Fletcher W. Long, KPGFootball Senior Scout

Too many times, I feel like college recruiters focus on the wrong attributes. I was talking to a friend of mine who is on the staff of a FBS, mid-major football program. He told me, “Football is a tall man’s game nowadays.”

Football is a tall man’s game nowadays.

Anonymous D-I, FBS, assistant football coach

I happened to know the guy pretty well and remembered when he played football. This coach had played for the school which now employed him. He also played for that particular school’s most famous coach, for whom the stadium is now named.

I asked him this, “How many conference championships did your coach win, in the day, with slightly undersized, out-of-frame players?”

“He won the conference all the time with players like that,” the guy responded. “Hell, I was one of them.”

That was the point I was trying to make. This guy was a player, a very fine player, for the same school at which he played (and now worked). His employer wouldn’t dare recruit him today because he would be, for them, an “out of frame” player.

The theory,…certain positions have an anatomical frame preferable for playing a position is nothing new.

HB Lyon, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

The theory, that certain positions have an anatomical frame preferable for playing a position is nothing new. Coaches have always thought that way. Modern college football has always been a “tall man’s game.”

However, exceptions used to be regularly made for “out of frame” guys who could freaking ball. Those exceptions don’t seem to be made in today’s recruiting world.

Oscar “JT” Adams IV can freaking ball. Some program is going to take a chance on him and, man, is that program ever going to reap a rich reward.

Oscar “JT” Adams can freaking ball.

HB Lyon

Adams is listed at 5’10,” and 220-pounds. I have no way to quibble over any of that but I really don’t care.

Adams is a multi-time, Kentucky, high school champion wrestler. Adams has made all-American teams in football. Adams has anchored the Team Kentucky Future Stars team and starred in the Kentucky-Tennessee classic.

Adams is Paducah Tilghman’s starting MLB and on a Paducah team which will end up factoring for the 3A championship no matter how tough of a schedule it has played nor even how the won-lost record presently reads. Adams has had quite a season so far.

Playing Mayfield, South Warren, Henry County (TN), Henderson County (6A), McCracken County (6A), a ranked Trigg County team (No. 10, AP poll) with Union County still left before finishing with Webster and Hoptown, Tilghman figures to enter the playoffs a very battle tested 6-4. That is a better record than a year ago, when they rode the playoff train all the way to the station located at Lexington’s Kroger Field.

Adams is having the type senior season one would have forecast before the year commenced. Adams has 58-tackles presently to lead all defensive players. Adams is among the leaders in TFL’s and QB-sacks and has thrown in an INT, just for good measure.

This Paducah team…will end up factoring for the 3A championship

HB Lyon

Paducah has miles to go before putting the ’22 season to bed. Tilghman’s one-man, hit-machine in the middle, JT Adams, will be along for the ride. At any height, and at any weight, this muscled-up, knot of gristle will leave his mark on every team Paducah plays.

You can count on that buddy!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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