Milton Wright, the “Primus Pilus” of CAL’s Centurions

Christian Academy of Louisville's Milton Wright, 6'3", 190 lb. WR/FS; Rivals 4 Star, Class of 2019 Photo Credit:

Milton Wright is a 6’3″ 190 pound WR/FS in the Class of 2019. Milton is also a member of the 2016, Class 2A State Champion, Christian Academy of Louisville’s Centurion Football team. Not that you would know this, but the Primus Pilus (in Latin, First Spear) was the senior centurion of the legion and the highest rank among the centurions. Milton Wright is not going to be a Senior on this particular team of Head Coach Stefan LeFors Centurions as he is a 2019 kid; but, as a Rivals, 4 Star rated recruit he does rank higher than any of his teammates. In fact, he is our highest regarded prospect in the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the 2019 Class.

Milton, by all accounts, is a quiet, keep to himself, aloof kind of kid. It was reported in an article written by Dave Lackford, on KentuckyPreps, which is a Rivals affiliated site completely unassociated with Kentucky Prep Gridiron, that he doesn’t even have a Twitter account. What he has though is length and speed. Wright hasn’t run a 40 yard dash or a pro-shuttle that I can tell. This isn’t uncommon for recruits who are 4 or 5 stars as they are often told by their offseason trainers to not run timed runs because one bad day can impact your rating.

His 40 time can be estimated though and his time turned in when he competed in the 100 meter dash can be used to estimate it as follows. At the KHSAA, 2017, Outdoor Track & Field Championships, Wright turned in a laser-timed 11.06 100 meter. The National Football League estimates, based on data complied from its Combine it has studied, that a 4.5 40 guy would run the 100 meter in 10.95 seconds. A 4.6 40 yard dash sprinter would run the 100 meter dash in 11.21 seconds according to the same study. As 11.06 is nearly half-way between 10.95 and 11.21, I would estimate Wright to

The Centurions from CAL took home the State Championship in 2016 in 2A

run the 40 in the 4.55 range. This isn’t perfect but people smarter than I commonly do this to evaluate a player’s speed. Who are we at KPG to re-invent the wheel?

We do know that Milton is fast with numbers other than his timed 100 meter and that he is explosive with good quick twitch. Milton Wright High Jumped 5’11.75″ at the KHSAA  State Championships and long-jumped 22’4.5″ at the Eastern Relays in April. He long-jumped 20’10” at the KHSAA 2A, Region 3 Championships. These numbers tell us he has both elite speed for his size and is explosive and we don’t have to rely on what his Coach tells us to draw these conclusions.

Wright is also being recruited as a WR even though he plays FS too when on defense. I suppose accounting for 30 touchdowns in a Championship run for your High School team will do that for you. I would not be surprised to see him at Safety in College though. I know Wright performed well at WR for Coach Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan A4 Super Skills Camp. Though he didn’t come away offered by Michigan (who extended no offers from that camp to anyone) he showed out well, was singled out for his performance by the recruiting analysts covering the event, and may well get an offer from Michigan resulting from that performance at a later date. Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, Oregon, Pittsburg, and Purdue are not waiting to learn what the Wolverines think about Wright as each of them have already offered and Notre Dame is getting in the mix as Wright continues to hear more from the Irish.

The 30 touchdowns, about which we told you earlier in the article, Wright scored for the Centurions during the Championship season by running, catching, and throwing the football. Extraordinary production would account for why Milton Wright was one of only two underclassmen (the other was OL Will Bramel, the 6’6″ 260 pound Class of 2018 prospect who plays for Boyle County) to make either the 1st or 2nd team All-State Offensive squads last year. Taking all this into account Kentucky Prep Gridiron believes Milton Wright is the top player in Kentucky in his class and is a Power 5, FBS level prospect. His offer sheet would certainly confirm that.



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