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...and stay down! Davin Clark from Mayfield stomping out the competition...

’28 stalwart is a real head hunter

This kid is a budding star just waiting on highlights. Talk about needing a Twitter account and a Hudl page. This kid loads up, gathers, and “brings it” as well as any kid we have ever scouted at his stage of development. Davin Clark hits ball carriers so hard you flinch. Dad was a Murray State Racer, this kid could well follow in those footsteps.

HB Lyon, KPGFootball Scouting Division

We got a call from one of our infinite number of contacts from around Kentucky who helps us cover the un-coverable; the entire commonwealth of Kentucky’s middle and high school football beat. He seemed a little out of breath.

“Hey, Fletch…are you guys still featuring middle school kids?”

I responded, “Yes sir.”

He told me, “Well I have a buddy in Mayfield with a kid who’s going to be an 8th-grader at Mayfield Middle. Boy, does this kid ever pass the ‘eye test.’ Why don’t you feature him?”

He was talking about Mayfield Middle’s Davin Clark and I won’t bore you with my answer. You’re reading it.

Clark recorded 37-tackles, five (5)-sacks, 13-TFL’s, and 3-FF’s

Statistics provided by our Graves County agent

I don’t know whether to call this feature a “Middle School Spotlight,” which is what we call all of our features on talent at this level of play, or a public service announcement. I may be featuring a top-notch, devastatingly physical middle school linebacker from Mayfield. I may be advising parents, strongly and not too subtly, who are squeamish about seeing their baby get knocked into next-Tuesday to send their sons out for soccer, particularly if Mayfield Middle is their on the football fall schedule.

For those of you who believe this feature to be the least bit hyperbolic, allow the above clip to stand as Exhibit A to our case in chief. Did you flinch?

Clark had a big year in ’22 as a 7th-grader. The 5’10.5,” 180-pounder recorded 37-tackles, five (5)-sacks, 13-TFL’s, and 3-FF’s. The “Forced Fumbles” statistic is not at all surprising considering the way he lays the lumber when tackling.

He is a devastating blocker too. The above clip is actually his cracking back on a defender in pursuit of the Cardinal ball-carrier.

As for his next-level prospects, those are difficult prognostications to make on any rising 8th-grader. However, this kid’s aggression and savvy are undeniable.

Pedigree is spot-on, Dad was a Mayfield Cardinal and Murray State Racer

Graves county agent, KPGFootball

His pedigree is also spot-on. Dad was a Murray State Racer in the day who played at Mayfield and won a few titles during his playing days.

I look at this kid’s frame and his inordinately long arms sort of jump out at the onlooker. He’s short-neck kid who is broad at the shoulders so I am unsure how much taller he gets but he will get taller and he doesn’t need to much to round into a hotly recruited, second-level defender.

We can tell you this…Clark’s a “heat-seeking” missile who will hit. Like we said, he’s a monster…and plenty scary. Consider yourself warned.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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