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Konner Harrison a real weapon for The Storm in all three phases

’24 TE/LB is an ‘old school’ type TE who catches the football with physicality

We have talked to various members of the Storm’s football coaching staff and they seem to really like what this prospect brings to the table at TE. It is not that we don’t, but he was the team’s second leading tackler in ’22 and among the leaders in TFL’s and QB-sacks so we like him on the ‘other side’ of the ball too. Konner Harrison is a physical, talented DAWG who brings many talents and tools to bear on a gridiron. Harrison has the disposition of a LB which may serve him very well at TE in ’23 and beyond.

HB Lyon, Scouting Divison, KPGFootball

Konner Harrison plays TE/LB for the Hopkins Central Storm. He is a ’24 prospect about whom there appears to be a raging tug-of-war between the offensive and defensive coordinators concerning on which side of the football he should be primarily deployed.

Harrison aligns in the slot presently and that deployment lends itself to players with a TE’s physical attributes. TE is “traditionally” a hybrid position combining the roles of both an offensive lineman and a receiver.

TE’s are large enough to be effective blockers. TE’s are athletic, quick, and fast enough to be eligible receivers and potent weapons in a team’s offensive scheme, none of which can be said about an ordinary OL, at least not on the HS level.

TE’s are generally covered by LB’s. That is an exploitable mis-match for any play-caller.

Harrison is quite a physical specimen. Harrison is 6′ and weighs a solid 215-pounds. He bench presses 250-pounds, squats 465, and pulls (deadlifts) a cool quarter-ton (500).

Harrison bench presses 250-pounds, squats 465, and pulls (deadlifts) a cool quarter-ton (500)

Chris Manning, Head Football Coach, Hopkins County Central

Last year for The Storm, Harrison caught 19-passes for 247-yards. This doesn’t include the contributions Harrison made to the offensive line in the down-hill run game which produced an All-State FB with over 1,200-yards rushing and 15-rushing TD’s.

His defensive numbers were equally eye-popping. Harrison was second on the team in total tackles (63) while being among the leaders in both TFL’s and QB-sacks.

Head Football Coach, Chris Manning told us, “Konner is a good one,” in one of the all-time understatements. He went on to say, “Harrison is extremely talented, a hidden gem on our team. When you watch his film, you see he has some special gifts.”

Coach Mike Evans, The Storm’s OC, told KPGFootball, “Harrison is an old-school TE. He’s a physical blocker who makes catches. Harrison is so physical, at the point of the catch, that he bulldozes his way to hard earned yards after the catch.”

Coach Manning added, “With his strength, Harrison wins the battle at the line of scrimmage while being sufficiently quick to release and keep 2nd and 3rd level defenders guessing. Since I arrived on the scene three years ago, Harrison has been a model teammate, caring about his cohorts, working selflessly and extremely hard, and all his teammates see it and follow his example.”

With his strength, Harrison wins the battle at the line of scrimmage…[and he’s] sufficiently quick to…keep 2nd and 3rd level defenders guessing

Chris Manning

Manning concluded with, “Harrison is a leader. That will take him a lot of places in life.”

We know Harrison catches balls, blocks along the offensive front, helps anchor the defense, what else could one star do? Guess what, he is the regular punter. Talk about your “throw-backs.”

We have learned that Harrison, who grew up playing soccer among his other sports, bombed a 60-yard punt in ’22. Harrison really is a throw-back to a time when star football players were athletes and called upon to substantially assist the team in all three-phases of a football game.

Konner Harrison is a shining example of the strides The Storm are making in its football program. This is a Central player coveted by every other team on its schedule. Harrison is making it a “new day” for Hopkins County Central football.

If we’re lucky the forecast will call for rain. Matter of fact, we believe a Storm is certainly brewing!

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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