Kimahri Briggs is the Todd County Central Rebel of the Week…

The Todd County Rebel of the Week is...

Ultimately, I don’t have the foggiest idea where Kimahri Briggs has been, football-wise, around the Rebels’ program. I mean, I know he’s been on the hardwood, but at 5-8 and 156 pounds, and listed on Todd County’s basketball roster as a small forward, surely Briggs realizes he needs to play a horizontal and not vertical game. Football, the horizontal game, is perfect for Briggs. Now, many times on KPGFootball we have told readers a high school coach has to recruit his hallways to succeed. Part of recruiting the hallways is getting dynamic, explosive, speedy athletes who may not play football to give football a try. Enter Darell Keith, who knows the importance of this, and he went right to work on Briggs. With the season just around the corner, Kimahri Briggs, Class of 2020 is playing football. We got to talk to Coach about his prospect, and this is what he told us…

Kimahri Briggs would have been a star had he played in the 80s. We are still working on some of the zone coverage schemes with the young man, but pressed up man, in a receiver’s chest, he’s fantastic in coverage. Keith went on to state that Briggs gets good inside position, flips his hips fluidly, and (the 4.65 second 40 yard dash guy, with the pro-agility shuttle of 4.4 seconds) is able to run connected to the vertical route. With his inside position, he has a vertical explosion which makes him play considerably taller than his 5-8 inch heightContinuing to gush about his find in Briggs, Keith told KPGFootball, perhaps his biggest attribute is something people might consider an obstacle. He hasn’t played any football before now, so he’s the most aggressive corner on the team who has no bad habits. Whatever we teach him, that’s what he does.

What may be even more refreshing about Briggs is that KPGFootball has learned Briggs is a Yes-sir, No-sir kind of kid who’s both quiet and shy, until it gets time to lay someone out on the turf. Briggs is starting at corner for the Rebels and we have learned he will play some slot offensively in addition. Coach Keith said, we didn’t want to throw too much on him his first year so he’s been picking up the plays offensively as we go along. He can probably align and run the correct route in about 75% of the offense we presently have installed. Kimahri Briggs‘ development, much like the rest of this throw-back, smash-mouth, type of new-look Rebels will  be fun to watch this coming season. We will be seeing you all around the stadium this Fall.

Reporting for KPGFootball, this is Fletcher Long reminding all of you ballers out there to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE.

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