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Cameron Hergott is a fantastic selection for “Mr. Football.” He carried the team he was charged with leading into a Class 2A football championship, the program’s 15th, and along the way did everything one would expect from someone crowned Kentucky’s best high school football player.

Photo: James Weber/The Enquier (Cincinnatti)

He threw for 2,467-yards. He completed a little over 73% of his passing attempts (161 for 220). He had a TD to Interception ratio of 4.5:1.

He led the team in rushing yards. He gained 1,078-yards and scored 15-rushing TDs. He had a hand in 41 of the team’s 57 total TDs, running and passing, and gained or helped account for 3,545 of the team’s 4,380 total yards of offense. That is nearly 72% of the TDs and just a hair under 81% of the offense’s total yardage production.

What is curious to us, around KPGFootball, is how did the same organization, the Kentucky-wide high school football coaches, only select its “Mr. Football” an Honorable Mention, All-Stater? Surely, you see the conundrum? So this guy, who is in the light most favorable to the recently posted Coach’s team, is the 4th best QB in Kentucky, is the sports best overall player. Number four (4) at his position; number one overall in the game.

Just in case you believe we are attempting to misrepresent anything, we have screen-shotted the Honorably Mentioned Kentucky Quarterbacks from the Courier-Journal’s Coach’s All-State Football team. There was a first team QB, a second team QB, and a third team QB and none of the three were named Cameron Hergott and none of the three quarterbacked the Beechwood Tigers.

The Sports Editor at the Courier-Journal has been really clear about where to place the blame. Where only 90 of 223-eligible voters actually vote you will get some crazy outcomes. This may well be a good argument for the respective teams convening selection committees in the future (like we do here) and stop granting the privilege of getting to vote for these teams to people uninterested in participating.

As for Mr. Hergott, a former Mingua Beef Jerky “Protein-packed Performer of the Week,” is he Kentucky’s very best football player? We here at KPGFootball believe there is certainly ample evidence to support that belief.

Hergott is a solid and sound choice. He is also a first-team All-State QB, but that’s just what we think.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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