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This is a rising freshman footballer whose skills in goal (as a goalie in that other “football”) lead us to think football stardom is in his future. We love his frame and skill-set and are thrilled he will stay involved with a program which historically took a back-seat to no one.

Fletcher W. Long, KPGFootball Senior Scout and Editorial Board Member

Keagan Prince is a ’26 athlete with an enviable skill set and frame. He is listed at 6’2″ and 160-pounds, plays TE and LBer, and in soccer is the goalie as the picture featured in this very article indicates.

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So, what does the fact of his playing goalie in soccer mean to a football magazine. Actually, more than you know.

Often the goalie on a soccer team is that team’s best athlete. Unlike many of the other players, the goalkeeper doesn’t need superior ball handling, shooting, or dribbling skills. The goalie needs to be very quick, athletic, have great hands, be smart, be brave, and be tough.

Sounds like the same skill set needed for a TE, or an OLB, wouldn’t you agree? If his soccer exploits tell us anything, and for the reasons we have just outlined they tell us quite a bit, Prince will continue to develop into a superior high school football player.

Now Coach Brandon Brewer’s “Blackcats” haven’t been “doing it” quite like the program was once accustomed. There are many people around who remember when Josh Francis Memorial Field was a difficult trip.

It hasn’t been so much of late. It was 1993 when Coach Bill Letton’s Blackcats left the title game in Louisville, Kentucky a 13-12 loser to Mayfield for the State Championship. Last year, the Blackcats were 4-6. They are getting better.

One reason for the program’s challenges is talent like Keagan Prince going elsewhere to play high school football. Prince reports he intends to “stay home.” Coach Brewer has to be thrilled to hear it.

Keagan Prince

We believe Keagan Prince will continue to get taller and wider. Maturity and weight-training will take care of the wider part. His long, slender neck, short trunk, high waist, and long appendages give support to his getting taller.

We believe this player can morph into quite a two-way player. We believe he has the length and skill set to thrive as either an OLB or a TE. We believe the same attributes he exhibits in goal will serve him well on the gridiron. We believe folks around Floyd County will have much about which to cheer with this prospect going forward.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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