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Photo of Crowell: From off his Twitter account, @kaydencrowell20

’24 DB/WR has been showing ‘Next Level’ type production

There will be scouts who will question his height (5’10), his length, and his speed. None of these guys will have anything negative to say about his production or football IQ. Kayden Crowell just has ‘it.’ What we mean is this is a guy who is going to make a game winning/saving play when it is most needed.

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Kayden Crowell is a rising senior who is listed at 5’10,” 170-pounds. He has a GPA sitting at 4.0 and a registered ACT score of 23. There are plenty of programs after this guy.

Why should there be? He is a sure qualifier, the kind of citizen which will reflect very well on an institution and program, and someone who has produced in his high school athletic career when it most mattered.

Last year, at Holmes, this DB/WR combo, two-way, star averaged 20-yards per reception and was among the leaders in scoring. This is in spite of his playing 4A football and used primarily as a defender.

Defensively, Crowell was among the leaders in tackles (25), FR’s (1), and PBU’s. He was either the outright club leader, or tied at the top, in INT’s (5), IRNY’s (123), and pick-sixes (1).

Crowell was either the leader or among the leaders in tackles (25), FR’s (1), and PBU’s, INT’s (5), IRNY’s (123), and pick-sixes (1)

KHSAA statistical website

Now we looked online. This is a registered prospect on Prep RedZone but we don’t subscribe and won’t for the purpose of writing our articles. So, when we say we don’t have any speed or lifting numbers for this prospect, we don’t intimate there aren’t any; just none outside of pay wall protection.

Point is, this kid is fast enough to accumulate 123-yards of interception net return yards, pick-off five (5)-passes, take a pick to the house, while averaging 20-yards per reception. He’s fast enough…he’s productive enough…and, doggone-it, college program’s like him.

For those readers who remember the 80’s, how’s that for an affirmation? It is certainly sufficiently accurate and worthy of being iterated daily.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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