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Once Fitzenberger gets his paws on you, it is generally sayonara from there!

This ’24 prospect has been playing OT but appears a college OC to us

This guy is a very good puller, moves his feet well and constantly through the whistle, makes good contact 2nd and 3rd level in space, and locks on to his intended target both well and penalty free. Cole Fitzenberger is a good example of a very good athlete providing tremendous value, even at the 6A classification, along an offensive front.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

Where a player is deployed in high school makes little difference to the college guys. In high school, the player HAS to play where he is needed, high school rosters don’t always have “one of everything.” College is where a player gets slotted where he is supposed to be.

That is why I wouldn’t expect Cole Fitzenberger to stay at offensive tackle when he gets to his ultimate college playing destination. We believe, whole-heartedly, there will be a college destination.

“Fitz,” as we call him around the magazine, is from Edgewood, Kentucky and plays for Dixie Heights High. The Colonels were 3-8 in ’22. However, Dixie Heights was 7-5 in ’21 and expect to rebound from what was, undeniably, not the initial season Pat Burke was planning.

Players like Fitz should help. Fitzgerald has impressive film which demonstrates an impressive array of skills.

Fitzgerald has impressive film which demonstrates an impressive array of skills

HB Lyon

First, Fitzgerald runs his feet through the whistle, something every OL coach will want to see. Fitzgerald is explosive and devastating both drive and down blocking.

Fitzgerald gets the 2nd, and even 3rd-level, quickly and has the in-space athleticism to both gain and maintain penalty-free contact. Fitzgerald demonstrates a fine pass-set and the footwork to intercept outside, upfield pass-rush from players with more length than he, being careful to not lung out over his toes but block through his heels and letting the rush sort of come to him.

This ’24 prospect reps the high school bench weight of 185-pounds, 15-repetitions. Fitzgerald squats 400-pounds and runs a five (5)-seconds flat, 40-yard dash.

This is a player who should be among the more recruited high school offensive centers in North Kentucky. He will be an option at a plethora of prestigious college programs in Kentucky and surrounding areas.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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