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Here’s a legitimate question many around Kentucky are asking. Is there a better ’24 prospect in Kentucky than Oldham County’s, Justin Ruffin, Jr.?

Ruffin is a 5’9,” 150-pound rising junior who played WR/CB for Oldham County’s Colonels a season ago. Oldham County is a Class 6A, 8th-District team which went 8-3 in ’21.

Ruffin, over the course of his sophomore season, caught 27-passes for 347-receiving yards with a pair of TDs. He ran the football, on the jet, seven-times for 33-yards rushing and a score. He registered 12-tackles and a TFL.

Those numbers are pretty pedestrian, right? Well yes and no. Ruffin was a sophomore playing varsity football under the “Friday Night” lights in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

Then why would we even ponder his greatness? The issue isn’t completely settled. While his numbers were “okay,” they weren’t anything about which to write home.

We don’t mean this as a slight. Slight aside, we can show you dozens of sophomores who played 6A football in ’21 with a similar frame, similar numbers, and who played WR/CB from across the commonwealth. Numbers be damned, Ruffin’s still an elite prospect and someone we believe to be among the best at where he forecasts to play.

Some programs agree with us. No less than the University of Louisville’s Cardinals have offered.

How many ’24’s are sporting Power 5, FBS offers across the commonwealth? Wouldn’t that fact standing alone number him among the best in Kentucky?

Yes. We believe so.

People to whom we have talked preparing for this article tell us Ruffin is framed out like he has some lengthening still in the balance. We are also told he has plenty of length on his frame now well in excess of his registered height.

Think of Ruffin as the Oldham County version of Daisjaun Mercer. We believe his frame will finish out similarly. We believe the skill sets are eerily comparable.

Mercer is a Class of ’23 “Mr. Football” candidate. Perhaps Ruffin will follow suit for the ’24s. He’s off to a deceptively good start!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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