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Mayfield storms the field...it's enough to make some players pee their football pants!

’24, two-way lineman devastating on Friday nights from his LG slot

Jaylen Bass is nasty. Watch his film and observe him launch himself straight through defenders. Matter of fact, there isn’t a better LG in the HS game. Can he play there next level? Depends on where he lands. We have seen offensive centers his size play in the FBS. Regardless, he has the athleticism to play at many levels of college ball. He has the grades to play wherever he would like as well.

HB Lyon, Scouting Divison, KPGFootball

A double entendre is a particular way of wording devised to have a double meaning. One of these meanings will be obvious. The second meaning is likely to be somewhat more obscure.

Our title here is a double entendre, though it may have slipped right by you. The title above, authored by me, is the following: Jaylen Bass from Mighty Mayfield unleashes a ton of fight on that lineEmphasis supplied.

Do you get it now? Allow me to clarify.

Jaylen Bass plays along the offensive and defensive lines for Mayfield High. A “Bass” is also the name of a fish which provides a mighty fight on the end of a fishing line when hooked. See the double entendre? Enough of the clever word play.

Bass is a hoss. Bass is 5’10,” weighs 265-pounds, and has a 4.167 GPA.

At LG in 2022, during a season which would see Mayfield go 14-1 and lose the State Championship Game to Beechwood High by a measly point (14-13), Bass recorded 29-pancake blocks. Bass also graded out, by his coaching staff, at 84% on the season.

Although the grade wasn’t specific, we would assume the grade was for pass blocking and run blocking together. That is fantastic play.

This kid’s film literally leaped at me. He was explosive, powerful, and violent at the point of attack.

HB Lyon

Defensively, Bass’s play was limited. He registered 14-tackles and forced a pair of fumbles which should give you an idea of the force with which he is arriving.

Coaches claim tacklers should arrive at the ball carrier in an ill-mood. Bass arrived clinically depressed; especially considering Bass was separating every seventh ball carrier from the pigskin.

Next level, we see Bass as a defensive lineman we would wager. He plays with low leverage and he is explosive. Linemen often whiff on defenders who play consistently under a lineman’s hands.

We wouldn’t rule out his playing center next level either. We have seen that slot ably manned by players of the same or similar dimensions.

We are sure there will be a next level, football-wise, for Jaylen Bass. We just count ourselves fortunate we will be around to catch-it. See what we did there?

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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