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Grigsby (No. 2) leads his Yellow Jackets onto the field in Middlesboro, Kentucky. Photo taken from Grigsby's Twitter page uncredited.

’24 dual-threat QB a statistical anomaly

Cayden Grigsby is the top QB in the Appalachia Kentucky region for our money. He has good size for a dual-threat guy and brings an entire quiver of weapons onto the Friday night gridiron, week in and week out. Grigsby is a tremendous student too, making schools all over the region players for this particular prize.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

How many of you are familiar with “statistical anomalies?” Statistical anomalies are outliers; they are data, in any particular data set, which appears without there being any apparent reason for the appearance of the particular statistic.

We are afraid that definition will have to do. It is as close as our English Degree having brains can come to understanding number-driven data. It is a concept usually and entirely foreign and incomprehensible to people like us.

We can give you an example however. Last year, in ’22, the 50th highest rusher, in all of Kentucky football, was Cayden Grigsby. The 50th highest rated passer, in all of Kentucky football, was also Cayden Grigsby.

What are the chances of that? How can the same player rank 50th in rushing and passing? It has to be a statistical anomaly.

Here’s another anomaly…Grigsby threw for 17-TD’s on the year and ran for and additional 17-TD’s. That reminds us of Stan “The Man” Musial, a famous St. Louis Cardinal and baseball Hall of Famer, who finished his career with 3,630-base hits. The Man stroked exactly 1,815 of those hits at home and the other 1,815-hits on the road.

Statistical anomalies…you see what we mean? How bizarre one might exclaim!

Grigsby has been termed a tough running QB who’s very difficult to contain with spins and cuts

QB Hit List

Grigsby is equally dangerous outside your containment as he is throwing the football down the field. In ’22, Grigsby played in 10-games. Grigsby completed 86 of his 135-passing attempts (63%) for 1,475-yards passing with 17 of those aerials going for TD’s. He suffered a measly 4-INT’s for the year.

Rushing the football, Grigsby carried the tater 151-times, gaining 1,089-yards, and scored another 17-TD’s. Grigsby averaged 7.2-yards every time he ran from scrimmage and scored a TD every 8.88 carries.

Grigsby is a ranked dual-threat QB according to QB Hit List, a national publication specializing in such evaluations. QB Hit List has said Grigsby is “A tough running QB who’s very difficult to contain with spins and cuts.” The publication further opines, “[Grigsby] shows good patience as he allows the play to develop.”

Official Logo of QB Hit List

These, of course, are very good qualities. They are the type qualities which result in the same prospect ranking 50th in Kentucky in both rushing and passing. They are the type qualities which result in a QB scoring 17-TD’s on the ground and throwing for another 17 through the air.

They are the type statistical anomaly which makes others in your sport nickname you something as awesome as The Man. They are the very anomaly which catapults QB’s from Middlesboro into the middle of Kentucky’s KHSSA, Mr. Football race.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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