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James Posey, known to opposing coaches as Central's 6-4, is a throw back to a time nothing but tough men played football

’24 two-way trench-man; one rough customer

This is a kid whose length well exceeds his height which is going to make him a “take” for many a college program in and around Kentucky. James Posey could play along either front at the next level. Offensively, he is a nasty finisher particularly in the down-hill run game. Defensively, he is a problem whether collapsing the opponent’s inside with interior backfield pressure or using his length to make plays into the boundary and scrape both up and down the scrimmage line.

HB Lyon, Scouting Divison, KPGFootball

Right off the bat, we are going to tell you there is something very extraordinary about James Posey. For starters, at 6′ he may be one of the shorter RT’s you’ll see playing high school football in the western end of Kentucky. He’s doing more than just “playing it.”

Posey is dominant. The six-footer help lead a rushing attack in ’22 which boasted an All-State FB, Calil McNary, an over-thousand yard rusher (McNary), and an offensive attack which averaged over 190-yards a night rushing and scored 23-rushing TD’s playing in 4A, District-1.

Moving down to a realigned 3A, the prospects are limitless. The above is just what he did on offense.

On defense, Posey, who played from DT to DE, was fourth on the team in tackles, among the leaders in TFL’s, among the leaders in sacks, and the top guy in FR’s. One reason he was able to do this was a wingspan much longer than his six-foot of height.

Posey plays the game hard-nosed, like it is meant to be played

Mike Evans, OC, Hopkins County Central

We haven’t measured his wingspan. However, it is visibly long. It is why he gets away with playing tackle on offense. It is why he moves out seamlessly to DE on the other side of the football.

We were able to contact some of the Storm coaching staff about this young man. More than one of the coaches were eager to go “on the record” concerning their rising senior star.

“Posey plays the game hard-nosed, like it is meant to be played,” offensive coordinator Mike Evans told KPGFootball. “He is among the most physical linemen playing football anywhere on the western end of Kentucky.”

Head Coach Chris Manning weighed-in on Posey. “He is an outstanding young man with a high ceiling in life and football,” Manning told KPGFootball. “I agree with Coach Evans in that Posey is a very physical player. I would add he has a nasty finish.”

Posey is a very physical player…[and] a nasty finisher

Chris Manning, HFC, Hopkins County Central

Posey is a two-sport star at Hopkins County Central. In addition to football, Posey competes in field events for the Track & Field team. Posey throws the discus and puts the shot, both of which reveal and develop power, strength, and explosiveness, just as useful on the football field as the throwing pitch.

Posey is on the powerlifting team. He just returned from the Kentucky High-School, Push (bench)-Pull (deadlift) State Championships in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

Posey weighs in at a well proportioned and muscled 260-pounds. He is a close to 300-pound pusher (295-pound bench press), with a nearly 500-pound pull (485-pound deadlift), who also squats 415-pounds, and carries a 3.6 GPA.

Next level, Posey is a take from FCS, Division I, to anything from the NAIA to NCAA, Divisions 2 or 3. He has the grades for either an Ivy-League team or one of the Near-Ivys, which puts Centre College firmly in the mix we would suppose.

Posey will have a tremendous senior season for The Storm. From there, it will be on to Saturday ball which is absolutely in his future.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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