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Storm Warning

’26 QB has proven he’s a leader, to where will he lead his charges in ’24?

Issac Earl had a very good sophomore campaign. He has been termed a diamond in the rough owing to his strong arm and effective deep ball. On top of all of that he is shifty in the run game and a proven commodity in the ground attack. He will have to up his game-play for the Storm to find success in ’24 with what the program is losing to the graduation stage.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

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QBs are often referred to as “Field Generals.” Like a General in the Army, the QB directs an attack and is responsible for the play of more than just his position.

Myriad are the similarities between a successful football program and an effective fighting force. Successful football programs, like successful armies, have to execute “game plans” while commanding a force and successfully executing its plan either on the gridiron or battle field. Many are the southern football legends who were fine soldiers when drafted and deployed in life’s most authentic fields of battle.

Issac Earl is likened around our office as the Napoléon Bonaparte of 3A football. Like Napoléon, dubbed “Le Petit Caporal (the little Corporal)” by his troops owing to their affection for him and in tribute to his diminished stature, Issac Earl isn’t the biggest of frames either. We would mention Napoleon’s short height may well have been largely contrived by British troops searching for ways to demean the head of an opposing force, but we digress.

Earl [like Napoléon] has played a key role in…two football seasons and is likely to play another…in the one upcoming

Friday Night Fletch

Napoléon played a key role in the French Revolution (1789–99), served as first consul of France (1799–1804), and was the first emperor of France (1804–14/15). Issac Earl has played a key role in The Storm’s previous two football seasons and is likely to play another key role in the one upcoming.

Photo: Buchanan

In ’23, Earl completed 77 of his 157-passing attempts for 1,085-yards and 11-TDs. Earl was picked eight (8) times.

On the ground, our “Little Field General,” carried the football 67-times fore 493-yards and six (6) scores, scoring 40-points to finish third in that category, team-wide. Earl played some defense, registering a handful of tackles.

Now Earl, like Napoléon before him, doesn’t permit his stature to impact his performance. Earl may be 5’8,” 160-pounds; but Earl bench presses over 200-pounds, deadlifts around 315, and is a prominent member of The Storm’s championship caliber powerlifting team.

Earl’s on-field performance inspires confidence among the men he leads onto football’s field of battle. His continued success may make him a Colossus of 3A, District 1, next season.

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