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’25 multi-phase contributor played well in ’23 and will only get better

Isaac Manning was a multi-phase contributor on the Storm’s roster in ’23 and it is believe by those close to the program he will only get better in ’24. Manning made some incredible, circus-like grabs on offense and his ability to contribute on defense was showcased in limited snaps over the course of his junior year. For his senior season, all bets are off and everyone is excited about what he may prove himself capable of doing.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

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There is no better time than the present to anoint another Independence Bank, Revolutionary Player of the Week. Independence Bank is proud to sponsor a weekly article highlighting players in the areas where Independence Bank flourishes who embody the same type of revolutionary service to their respective football teams which has made Independence Bank unique and special in the banking industry.   

Today we honor a ’25 versatile player who completed a pass, led the team in receptions, led the team in receiving TDs, played some defense, and even returned an INT 45-yards. This kid was a “do it all” kid on the ’23 roster and figures to improve quite a bit over the course of his upcoming senior season. Today we honor Isaac Manning from Madisonville’s Hopkins Central High.

Independence Bank is proud to sponsor a weekly article

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Hopkins Central High is located just down the road from Independence Bank branches located on 1776 North Main Street and our featured branch today, the one on 629 East Center Street respectively.

East Center, Madisonville

Get on by the Hopkins County area locations today and see our friends. Learn why Independence Bank‘s products, people, and services have started a revolution in the Kentucky banking industry. 

Isaac Manning kind of “did it all” for the Storm in ’23. Manning completed a pass, led the team in receptions, led the team in receiving yards, and led the team in TDs receiving. Manning was among the leaders in scoring, INTs, and IRNYs. 

We call that a dynamic and versatile skill set from where we come. It is the type skill set which makes it easy to target a player with all that in the player’s quiver when calling plays or designing defenses.

Manning may find the pickings pretty sparse around him when in the ’24 huddle hunting playmakers to whom to target winning plays. Gone are the McNaries, Rogers, Posey’s, Egberts, and some of the other names we have been accustomed to looking toward for our game saving or winning efforts.

However, there will be some familiar names and some more yet to emerge who only the coaching staff and we know to be able come through. These “young guns” are awaiting their chance to arrive. They will NOT have to wait much longer.

Manning led the team receptions in ’23 with 20 for 355 and 4-TDs; was among the leaders in scoring; had a hand full of tackles, and an INT he returned 45-yards

KSHAA statistical website

As we have before alluded to, Manning has a plethora of physical attributes which recommend him very well for high school super-stardom. Manning has good hands, uses his body and length well to shield defenders away from his targets, extends to receive the ball like a coach would want, has good speed, and is vertically explosive enough to climb the ladder and win the 50/50 balls.

Defensively, Manning has a good frame and length, can close on the ball well, and has a nose which permits him access to areas the ball appears headed, arriving just in time to intercept. Manning has  a dynamic and versatile skill set and the athleticism to employ the weaponry in a fashion which makes his team better with him rather than without.

Manning is a player we will be monitoring closely in ’24. At the end of the year, we expect his name will be prominently in the chase for All-State, All-Region, All-District, and All-Conference considerations.

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