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Earl enters his sophomore season (likely) under center

Isaac Earl, ’26, is a guy who has a small frame presently but someone whose frames is likely to finish out quite a bit longer and taller than it is presently. Earl was a freshman when we featured him in November of ’22, and will be a sophomore when we open camp in the summer of ’23. Know what else he’ll be? It is likely Earl will open camp the odds-on, front-runner for the QB slot, running the Storm’s offense.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

When we last featured Isaac Earl, he had been pressed into action in the ’22 season’s waining moments because the first-string QB, Jaden Brasher, broke his collarbone playing Hoptown. Earl performed admirably. Say that five times really fast!

At the time, Earl was 5’8,” 145-pounds, deadlifting 245, and bench pressing 185 in spite of his own weight. Where does he stand in all those areas? To ’23 opponents attempting to use this article to “Scout” the Storm, wouldn’t you like to know?

You may safely consider every number, above sited, concerning his physical make-up and prowess, are considerably larger than our last report. You may also safely consider his passing numbers will, likewise, increase, let’s hope similarly.

Earl was described to us as a “diamond in the rough” last year. Earl completed 12 of his 18-passing attempts for 105-yards and a pair of picks in his season finale. Both picks were 50/50 balls the offense could have snagged as easily as they were picked.

That performance fails to capture the entire tale. Earl has a very strong arm. Earl throws a pretty deep ball. Earl has a certain, shall we say je ne sais quoi quality, coaches and knowledgable fans see, but sometimes have difficulty describing.

Isaac has a lot of moxie,…command of our offensive system [which] inspires confidence from [the]…coaching staff and…teammates

Head Football Coach, Chris Manning

One thing is certain…it will be nice to get to start the season with a hand under center which has been there, done that. Every program has to perpetually reinvent itself. It is just a rarity when that program can reinvent itself with a player which has garnered some meaningful, game-speed, playing experience.

In Earl, the Storm gets a dual-threat guy who is shifty, hard-nosed, respectful, and easy to coach. He’s been described to us as a “Yes sir, No sir” type kid by his head coach, Chris Manning.

Manning went on to tell KPGFootball, “Isaac [Earl] has a lot of moxie. Earl’s command of our offensive system inspires confidence from both our coaching staff and Earl’s teammates.”

Every season which dawns bring a certain promise with it. The Storm will be breaking in a new QB which is something every program has to do, from time to time. However, this is a “newbie” from whom we have seen quite a bit of play in important, in-season, varsity action against a pair of teams as good as any we played a season ago.

What will he do this year? That is the 64-dollar question, now isn’t it?

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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