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Enjoy this special Kentucky Future Stars coverage!

We made our annual trek down to the Kentucky Future Stars camp to take in the action as the team was preparing for Saturday’s battle in Nashville against their Tennessee counterparts. The game is scheduled for Brentwood Academy, one of the country’s premier football programs at the HS level.

Cotton’s frame reminds us of “J2” Monroe

As soon as we got there, the 8th-grade head coach, Nino White, ran up and hugged us. Obviously, we’re old friends.

First words out of his mouth; “Man, you have got to see this Trey Cotton kid. He’s unbelievable.”

We survive on inside information at KPGFootball. Our contacts are spread across the commonwealth of Kentucky and are how we can find the players and then inform all of you about them.

Had we already heard of Trey Cotton? Sure! Would you be able to find another article about the young phenom (aside from this one) anywhere on line? Give it a try!

If we are advising Cotton, and through this article that is exactly what we are doing, he needs to get himself set up online immediately. He needs a Twitter account with his high-school, graduating class, height, weight, and any speed or lifting numbers he thinks helps sell him. His Twitter account should link to an email address for him and his Hudl page/highlights.

Why are we saying all of this? Simple, colleges are soon to begin courting him. These schools will have to have a reliable way to reach him. He’s that good.

In Cotton, we saw a 6-0, 160-pound kid who glides across the field like a gazelle. He is in and out of breaks both quickly and effortlessly. His hips are loose and fluid. He’s a superb athlete.

Cotton has lots of length. He “high-points” footballs, downfield, and catches them in his outstretched hands, away from his body.

Cotton (in the background) and Wallace in the “gold cleats” matched-up in the “Miami-drill”

We saw him matched up against Kentucky’s most highly regarded third-level defender in the ’25 class, Javion Wallace, headed to Central High School in Louisville. Now Javion Wallace is straight “Dawg” and was making cats look like fools all day.

Not a lot of WRs have the “Dawg,” at the 8th-grade level to compete with Wallace. Wallace demonstrated his superiority all practice.

Trey Cotton is one cat who is exactly that type of “Dawg.” He went after Wallace, the two or three times we saw that match-up, and acquitted himself well; especially considering it was Javion Wallace on the other end of the drill.

Cotton is a smooth, fluid, fast, long, tall drink of water at the WR position and a guy we expect to find the field at Class 6A Ballard, on Friday nights, sometime over his freshman season. He reminds KPGFootball of a cross between Jeremiah “J2” Monroe (like whom he is framed) and Vinny Anthony Jr. (who’s aggressive play and physicality he patterns) if you’re looking for player comparisons to former Kentucky Future Stars.

Trey Cotton is our call for an early favorite to take home “MVP” from the Future Stars game for Kentucky. Put your money down on Trey Cotton from Pewee Valley, Kentucky. Money well-spent and as safe of a bet as any wagerer could wager.

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