Hard-charging Nick Baldwin, Class of 2021, Jackson County Generals

Clay Dalton‘s Generals from Jackson County (McKee, Kentucky) had a really tough year in 2017. It’s hard to suffer through a 2-9 seasonal result, and getting bounced from the KHSAA playoffs, round one, to Powell County, who was 6-4 at the time, by a score of 47-14. It only dims the mood even more when the only two teams you can beat on the schedule are a hapless 1A football team in Berea High School (0-10)

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  1. Mr. Long, I just wanted to thank you for the article reference my son, Nick Baldwin. I thought the article was very well written. We have several good players at Jackson County right now although our record may not indicate that. It’s good to get some of them recognized.

    Thank you,
    William Baldwin

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