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That's Elijah Davis turned upside down in the feature photograph. He's a fine athlete and the type player needed on every roster

Multi-talented, three-phase player probably a safety in college

We have before featured Elijah Davis when he was our Revolutionary Player of the Week back in November of ’22. Heading into ’23, the talented rising senior is athletic, explosive, well put together, and would make a valuable addition to many a college roster in and around the commonwealth of Kentucky.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

I was coaching football in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and a kid walked up to me, prior to practice, and told me he wanted to play football. I asked him, “Have you ever played?”

He told me, “No Sir.”

I asked him, “What kind of an athlete are you?”

Without even winding up, this kid turned a back flip and stuck the landing perfectly. I looked at some of the other staff members standing around me and said, “I believe we can find a place for you.”

This kid was an incredible athlete. He was about 5’7″ and could stand, flat-footed, and jump up and grab the rim on 10′ basketball goal with both hands. He could also do a sideways, one-legged, plyometric jump up onto a 44″ box and stick the landing there too.

If you don’t believe what I have described is an athletic achievement, try it. You’ll see.

Like I said, that guy was one heck of an athlete. Central has a player who is reminiscent of my former player. Elijah Davis is Central’s hoss and we have featured him before now.

Davis was selected, by Independence Bank and us, to be the Revolutionary Player of the Week, in November of ’22. We are linking the article here for your convenience.

Davis registered a handful of carries, converted 20 of 26 PAT attempts, was 3rd on the team in scoring, 3rd on the team in tackles, among the leaders in TFL’s, and tied for the club lead in INT’s.

KHSAA statistical website
Evans (l) and Manning (r)

Davis had a tremendous year for The Strom in ’22. Davis registered a handful of carries, converted 20 of 26 PAT attempts, was 3rd on the team in scoring, 3rd on the team in tackles (from his LB post), among the leaders in TFL’s, and tied for the club lead in INT’s.

That is quite a bit of production from just one player. Of course, Davis is quite a player and is exceedingly well put together.

As for next-level opportunity, we believe there will be plenty of suitors for this prospect as the summer melts into Fall. Davis has a lot of skills which recommend him.

Davis is fast. Davis is explosive. Davis is athletic (also a varsity baseball player). Davis is a leader. Davis has tremendous character.

Positionally, we believe Davis plays either safety or the “Jack,” “Bandit,” “Rover,” “Nickel-back,” or whatever else a defense wishes to call its hybrid, 2nd-3rd level defender, who can both cover and come down into the box and support the run defense.

We wouldn’t trade ours [Elijah Davis] for anyone else’s

Chris Manning, Head Football Coach, Hopkins County Central

We were able to reach Head Coach Chris Manning about Elijah Davis. He told KPGFootball, “As a coach, you can’t go wrong with an Elijah Davis on the roster. I’ll take as many of them as I can find. Problem is, there aren’t too many of them around the high school game. We wouldn’t trade ours for anyone else’s.”

We can’t wait to see what Davis gets done over his senior season. One thing is certain, the coaches are going to call his number; both early and often. On that, you can bet the house.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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