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Crittenden County traveled to Russellville, Kentucky last night with a mind toward accomplishing quite a tall task. Crittenden was tasked with derailing the season of one of the best 1A football teams in Kentucky, the 9-1 Russellville Panthers.

The two teams had met earlier this year. On October 22, 2021, the Panthers bested the Rockets 27-0 in Marion, Kentucky.

Beating any team twice is a difficult proposition. Beating a Crittenden County team twice, even tougher.

The Russellville Panthers were equal to the task last night. They beat Crittenden 24-7, ending the Rockets’ season and proving the Panthers are every bit the team we predicted Russellville would be preseason.

We are coming toward the end of this little dance we call high school football season. At this time of year, KPGFootball begins contemplating its upcoming Associated Press All-State football vote and for which players we will be casting our votes and for what team (1st, 2nd, or Honorable Mention).

One guy for whom our praise has been downright effusive is Crittenden County High School’s Dylan Yates. Though his team hasn’t performed up to what we believed it would preseason, Yates’ performance has been a thing of beauty.

His season and high school career are now finished. His football playing days appear far from it.

Dylan is 6-1 and weighs 230-pounds. He has been before selected 1st-Team to both the Western Kentucky Conference team and the All-Purchase squad, the latter of which is annually compiled and published by and in the Paducah Sun.

Yates was honorably mentioned all-state a year ago. Yates was selected the No. 4 player, overall, among WPSD’s Top 10 Players of Gridiron Glory as compiled by Jeff Bidwell, honoring the top overall players in WPSD’s media market.

Like we said, through this first 11-games, Yates has only heightened (doing nothing to diminish) our opinion of him. Yates has 84-tackles, 20-TFLs, and 6-sacks for a DE everyone in the known area knows to avoid. The DE also sports a 3.9 GPA which explains why so many prestigious programs are bidding for his next level services and are so diligently pursuing him.

Credited on image

There are a ton of programs recruiting Yates and at various levels of competition. We would describe Yates’ skill set as clearly FCS/FBS, non-power 5, Division I.

However, there will be questions about his height, length, and the quality of the competition he faced in high school. The competition critique is unfair as Yates happens to live in an area which has him attending a 1A high school.

We have no questions whatsoever about his physique, competition, or his ability. We know the caliber of football played in Kentucky at the high-end of lower classifications as well as the football players such levels routinely produce.

Here are two things we would like to leave with the reader. First, any school able to get this young man’s signature will be mighty happy to have him on its future roster. Two, this guy here, regardless of the level of competition he has faced, is a Kentucky high-school, first or second team All-State player.

Lucky for us, our opinion matters. KPGFootball is vested with an AP vote. Just FYI, were we to cast our ballot today; that’s what our ballot would reflect.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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