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KPGFootball would be the first to tell you that old Coach Lyons is….well…old. Sometimes I understand the new-fangled lingo going around today and sometimes I am lost.

There is a colloquialism going around nowadays called “sleeping on” someone or something. Best as I can tell, if a recruit claims to being slept on it means he isn’t getting the attention his abilities would warrant.

Lots of recruits claim to be “…getting slept on.” Most of those players doing the lion’s share of the complaining often are getting overlooked for a good reason attributable to either their lackluster effort and/or production or just because of issues related to the prospect himself.

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Every now and again, where a recruit is getting “slept on” or complains of being “slept on,” that player has a legitimate gripe. We don’t know whether or not John Hardin’s Keyandre Strand, ’22 RB/LB, feels like he is getting “slept on;” but should he, his protestations would be entirely legitimate from where we’re sitting.

Strand is a two-way, football playing “Jesse” playing for one of the more traditional programs at the 4A classification. The way he played last season, on both sides of the football, says quite a bit about the kind of player Strand really is.

Over the course of the ’21 season, the 5-10, 190-pounder gained 1,854-yards rushing spread over 204-carries, 13 of which went for touchdowns. He led the football team in scoring. Strand was an “all-state” caliber player for his offensive statistics standing alone.

Defensively, at linebacker, Strand played at an All-State level too. Strand was among the leaders in tackles (70) and TFL’s (7), while contributing 2-FFs on top of his other defensive contributions.

Strand Highlights

If you are looking for a “play-a-like” comparison from seasons gone by, Strand is a little reminiscent of a player we covered many times over the course of his fine prep career. Charles Andrew “Geeny” Collins, now at Campbellsville University, shares many characteristics with Strand foremost being the versatility to be a two-way superstar on either side of the scrimmage line.

Strand is getting looks at all divisions of college competition. Most of the schools we have consulted about him believe he is a next level RB. Now, should he play on the defensive side in college, we would believe him well suited to play one of the safety slots, either free or strong.

One thing for sure is this…if schools are “sleeping on” Keyandre Strand, they would be wise to pray he doesn’t end up in their conference. A couple things are for sure, he will end up somewhere and he will thrive once he arrives.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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