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If you like your pro-style, QBs framed out a certain way (6’5″ and 200-pounds) then Cutter Boley, who played for LaRue County a year ago and will play for Lexington Christian Academy (LCA) in ’22, is likely your guy. He has certainly impressed on the visit/camp/combine circuit having spent much of his spring around the UK campus while still getting offered by Ole Miss and West Virginia. Lots of Power 5s taking notice.

Fletcher W. Long, Senior Scout and Editorial Board, KPGFootball

Cutter Boley has reclassified from the ’24 class to the ’25 class under the SB-128 law which has been discussed on this site so often it needs no further explanation. Boley is 6’5,” weighs 200-pounds, and has a hand size of 10.5-inches and has moved to Lexington, KY and is set to play for LCA in ’22.

Standing next to his father, he looks like a shrimp. So further heightening and lengthening is far from out of the question.

Boley is working with the same QB coach who worked with UK’s Kaiya Sheron and helped him get to the Wildcat program. It is reported Boley has spoken with gurus Deuce Hogan and Will Levis and has already been offered by Ole Miss and WVU.

Boley has either visited or will visit both Clemson and Michigan State. Still, the feeling around the commonwealth is he is UK’s to lose.

Rivals.com forecasts Boley will top the ’25 list of in-Kentucky prospects when a new list of the same is published. Hell, it’s their list, who are we to quibble?

We can tell you Boley had a productive season under center for the Hawks in ’21. Boley, who will be a sophomore once again in ’22, completed 83 of his 165-passing attempts for 1,391-yards passing and 11-TDs against his seven (7)-thrown INTs.

Boley has wheels too, or at the very least is sufficiently mobile to avoid the rush long enough to get the ball out and on its way. Last season Boley rushed the ball 74-times from scrimmage, gaining 245-yards, with five (5)-rushing TDs.

Boley was third on the team in offensive scoring. QBs aren’t credited for scoring on their TD-throws so any QB finishing among the top offensive scorers is significant.

LaRue was 5-7 a year ago. Losing Boley to LCA won’t help the cause much.

The Hawks are a much better program than 5-7. LCA is one of the commonwealth’s premier programs at any level and a yearly threat to win the 2A title.

One thing is certain, it never hurts a team to have stellar play at the head of its offense under or behind the center. LCA, with the addition of Boley, will certainly have that.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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