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This '33 QB is an "old soul" with a skill-set and football IQ well advanced for his stage of development

We have been privileged to see quite a bit of film on this young QB and we have been impressed. We don’t know how his frame will finish but he is long-armed, high-waisted, with narrow shoulders and a long, skinny neck and guy like that usually finish out long and tall. His daddy, Coach Mike Evans, is tall and was a darn good QB in his day.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

We used to scoff at evaluating anything under the 8th-grade. However, through the years, we have found some very polished football players at all kinds of early grades.

Since coming on line, we have featured 5th and 6th graders. Today, we go as low as we have ever before gone. Today, we are featuring Cooper Evans, ’33, a second grader at Southside Elementary.

There aren’t two many young players Cooper’s age with his skill-set and football IQ; he’s ahead now and continuing to work hard maintains that gap

Chris Manning, HFC, Hopkins County Central Storm

Evans plays flag football and is one of the league’s premier signal callers. We have a pair of films for you to watch.

In the film you are going to see the wheels. First, Cooper makes a LBer freezing play-fake to his back and then rounds the right end and uses his spacial quicks and speed to find the end zone.

This 2nd-grader is already a student of the game who goes out in the yard, every chance he gets, to put in extra work; Evans has a bright future ahead

Tyrone Gregory, HFC, Browning Springs Middle

He demonstrates upper level poise, makes a great fake, and uses his football IQ to dodge, spin, and parry his way into the promised land. Not the play one would expect from a 2nd-grader as he had the headiness there to realize if it was to be…you know the rest.

In this second play, he makes another fine fake to the back, stands tall, and delivers a nice pass to the go route running down the right boundary line for six. We like his footwork as he takes a drop. We like his throwing posture. We like his release point.

Overall, obvious this kid is a coach’s son. He is ahead of the curve presently and there is no reason, with hard work and determination, he can’t stay there as the ’33 class matures.

One of our favorite stories is one Coach Evans told us. Coach told us he walked in Cooper’s room one evening, after school, and found where Cooper had been drawing his OWN plays. Fitting, Coach Evans designs and calls the offense on Friday nights in Morton’s Gap for Central games. As you can see from the plays diagramed to the right of this paragraph, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in the Evans family.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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