Class of 2020’s Jayden Marshall is this week’s Todd County Central Rebel of the Week

The Todd County Rebel of the Week is...

Todd County Central is debuting a lot of different thinks this upcoming season. From a completely refurbished, state of the art, press box facility, to top-flight accoutrements like big-screen TVs in the press box, to new turf, and, in my humble opinion, to playing a style of hard-nosed, tough football which will make the Rebels a team opponents will circle on the schedule in the 2A classification as a night which will require the training staff to stock up on aspirin. Todd County is going to win and be a product people, county-wide, will take pride in supporting. Everyone I have talked to around the football community, as KPGFootball makes its daily rounds, expect this. One guy on whom the Rebels will have to count is the other Marshall, Jayden Marshall.

Now I call him the other Marshall because we featured his brother Isaac on May 12, 2018. Now Isaac and Jayden are brothers, though not twins, but eerily, the two of them both played DE in the prior staff’s 4-4 defense last season, both had 20 tackles in 11 games, and both had 8 solo stops. The only statistical difference between the two last year was Jayden had recovered 3 fumbles on the year and Isaac had recovered two. Of course, the two of them are not similar in size as Isaac is 6-1 and weighs around 190 pounds while Jayden is 5-10 and weighs 175 pounds.

Now, Coach Keith will employ a college 4-3 as opposed to the previous staff’s 4-4 alignment. This should make recruiting Todd County Rebels to play college football more attractive as the 4-3 is the most employed defensive alignment by schools in college football today. It is an advantage to learn to play either the same or similar scheme as the school where you will play at the next level as it lessens the learning curve. I was able to talk with Coach Keith in preparing this article and he told me he anticipates this Marshall to move to OLB in his scheme while his brother will remain at DE. Coach Keith told us Jayden Marshall has the quickness to play in coverage and the strength, from his DE days, to take on the run with the agility to rush the quarterback. Coach Keith believes this personnel deployment will put his defense in better position to make plays and get stops giving the offense more time on the field to score points.

Congratulations to Class of 2020‘s Jayden Marshall for being this week’s Todd County Central Rebel of the Week. This is Fletcher Long, reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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