Clarksville Academy Middle Schooler, Elizabeth Cundiff is this week’s Meeks and Meeks Montgomery County POW

E. Cundiff, No. 2

As you are aware, we both have and continue to cover Clarksville, Tennessee talent, and talent from the Clarksville metropolitan area, as part of our coverage largely because we are principally based in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Hopkinsville and Clarksville comprise one metropolitan area in spite of one city being in Kentucky and the second laying just across the Tennessee state line. Well, we are proud to have partnered with the law firm of Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys to feature a weekly article promoting a Clarksville-Montgomery County area prep football player. Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys is a full service law firm covering all areas within the realm of general practice from domestic to criminal defense, contracts to malpractice, Will & Estates to civil and criminal matters in General Sessions. If you have a problem, they have a solution. If you feel like you’re drowning, they are the life raft. Call them at 931.645.3888 or just drop by 137 Franklin Street in Clarksville, Tennessee 37040.

Photo: Cortney Pedroza, Leaf-Chronicle

A local newspaper just published an article concerning the plight of Elizabeth Cundiff and two other similarly situated competitors. Cundiff is a Class of 2023 defensive back playing on the Clarksville Academy’s middle school football team. Cundiff and two of Elizabeth’s cohorts have all competed in the middle school division of the Clarksville Junior Pro League over the course of the 2018 football season. The article, linked here, is entitled “He,” “They” and “She:” Students born female tackle gender on Clarksville football teams. At KPGFootball, we cover players whom tackle other players moreso than players whom tackle gender issues. We are celebrating Elizabeth here for tackling competitors and not gender roles, traditional or non-traditional. Elizabeth enjoys the game of football and has worked hard to be considered as a football player and not necessarily as some sort of football anomaly. Unfortunately, football statistics (at least league wide) aren’t kept in Clarksville Junior Pro unless some member of the coaching staff takes the time and industry to do it him/herself. We can’t tell you exactly how well Elizabeth played, how many tackles Elizabeth made, how many passes Elizabeth successfully defended, how fast Cundiff runs the 40 yard dash, the pro-agility shuttle, or really anything else about Elizabeth other than Cundiff loves the game of football enough to play.

Photo Pedroza

For Elizabeth, playing comes attenuate with commentary, from both on the field and in the stands, the likes of which most players haven’t face since the game was desegregated. Sure, there have been people, born female, whom have before played the game of football all over the younger age divisions of junior pro. Usually, as the gap between middle and high school football is ever-shrinking, the Elizabeth Cundiff’s drop out of playing, after the Midget division (6th grade), or, should they play in middle or high school, primarily deploy as a place kicker/punter/holder. Not necessarily so for Cundiff. While Elizabeth does place-kick, she also plays a regular position (DB) and fully participates in every hitting/tackling/full contact drill or scrimmage every practice and during every game the CA Cougars take the playing field. Elizabeth takes every hit, every verbal barb, every comment, and every patronizing glance, bouncing up from every occurrence (whether physical or psychological) to only come back for more. At both KPGFootball and Meeks and Meeks Attorneys, we hope Elizabeth Cundiff continues to play the sport for as long as Cundiff loves it.

On behalf of Meeks and Meeks, attorneys, and in conjunction with KPGFootball we are very proud to award to Class of 2023, DB, Elizabeth Cundiff, this week’s distinction as the Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys, Montgomery County Player of the Week. KPGFootball continues to look forward to our partnership with Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys as we both continue to publicize and promote all of the fine young football players in and around Clarksville, Tennessee. Congratulations to Elizabeth Cundiff for being our Meeks & Meeks, Attorneys, Montgomery County Area Player of the Week!

This is Fletcher Long reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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