Christian County’s Kolbe Langhi, Aces the Eye-Test

Kolbe Langhi, CCHS, (Pro-Style) QB, 6'6" 220, Class of 2018, Photo Credit: Cory Wilson

Kolbe Langhi is a 6’6″ 220 lb. pro-style QB who can, according to his position coach at CCHS, Blake Ladson, make all the throws and with umph! Kolbe was hand-timed at 4.95 in the 40 approximately a year ago but hasn’t run a recent timed 40 owing to his nursing a tender hammy this off-season, according to Kolbe’s father. Never the less, Kolbe, a multi-sport HS athlete, is plenty athletic. For doubters, go to HUDL and view the second half against cross-town rival, Hopkinsville High School last year and watch him take that game over using his legs.

Kolbe Langhi, QB, about to top the 10,000 career passing mark and almost sure to break Keith Tandy’s 90 career passing TDs thrown

That does bring up another, but yet, still related topic in the discussion of Kolbe Langhi concerning whether his participation in numerous varsity sports, as opposed to focusing on football, is seen by recruiters to be a plus or minus. Doug Samuels wrote an article two years ago for entitled The value of multi-sport athletes: HS coaches share this with your players. The article, which can be found here,, sets forth that...[i]n a day and age where more and more high school athletes seem to be focused on specializing in one sport, and training year round in that specific sport…college and NFL coaches place a high value on the multi-sport athlete…Recruiting multi-sport athletes is something that college coaches talk about all the time,…[g]uys like Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Brian Kelly are just a small handful of the coaches that target two, and three sport athletes.

Kolbe Langhi certainly fits the bill of the type of athlete the Sabans and Meyers would be recruiting. Kolbe has been a star on the CCHS baseball team and additionally played basketball for the Colonels where he exhibited both quick feet and explosive, thunder-dunking, verticality; at least in warm-ups more so than in live game action. Kentucky Prep Gridiron is evaluating Kolbe as a football prospect. We don’t care whether he can play basketball. For the exclusive purpose of football evaluation, it is only significant that he plays not really how he plays basketball. The athletic skills he employs to participate in basketball assists our football evaluation of his speed and explosiveness. When Kolbe exhibits his verticality in basketball it gives us some evidence concerning his overall athleticism.

I asked a veteran rival coach about Langhi and he said the following while asking that he remain anonymous for the purposes of this article’s being published. I have no idea why college programs wouldn’t beat down the door to obtain Kolbe’s future services. His frame and stature alone are ideal for the QB position in the right system. His physique, frame, and height pass all the check marks. Kolbe has a strong arm and he delivers an effective and catchable deep ball.

AJ Mayer, 6’3″ 200, Pro-Style QB, Covington Catholic, Miami (OH) commit, Class of 2018

Kolbe who needs in the neighborhood of 2,200 passing yards this season to surpass 10,00 for his career will surpass the 10,000 career passing yards mark in our humble estimation. Kolbe, who has thrown for approximately 70 career TD passes, is also in easy striking distance of Keith Tandy’s career passing TDs mark at CCHS. Keith Tandy threw 90 career TD passes while a Colonel from 2004-2006. As for Tandy, he became a DB in college and is now playing in the NFL as one of the top DBs in the league. In a similar fashion, many coaches and evaluators see Kolbe’s future being at TE in college and not QB. At Kentucky Prep Gridiron we don’t know at what college position he will eventually settle but we know he will have a college position. We believe that Kolbe Langhi and AJ Mayer at Covington Catholic are the two best Pro-Style QBs in the Commonwealth’s 2018 class.

Kentucky Prep Gridiron believes this is another player in the Commonwealth who would be much more highly prized if he had grown up in another State. We are determined that, in the future, with publications like us, growing up Bluegrass style, will not be a recruiting negative. There are fantastic teams and players all through the Commonwealth of Kentucky who are as skilled, well-coached, and athletic as any kid in any other Football State. Kolbe Langhi will leave Christian County High School having passed for over 10,000 career yards. Kolbe Langhi will pass Keith Tandy’s mark of 90 career passing TDs. Kolbe Langhi will play college football and blossom into a pro prospect, at what position we cannot confess to know.

This is Fletcher Long, reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron, reminding all you young ballers to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!




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