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Celebrating the type Revolutionary Performance which has made us the fastest growing bank in the Kentucky financial service's market

’25 QB as precise as a ‘Swiss-made Timepiece’

Bryce Button seems to have it all. His passing is as precise as a Swiss-made timepiece, his frame is division-one (6’3,” 198-pounds), his arm and release point indicate this kid has been excellently coached, and his on-field production coupled with the team’s success with him at the helm have both been marvelous. Bryce Button put a Patek Phillippe-type performance on Moore High’s Mavericks this past Friday night. This team, with this QB, is going to be a really difficult out in the upcoming playoffs.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball
Button has been pushing all the right "buttons" this season; South Warren 48, Moore 15, last week; huge game tonight

Bowling Green, KY: There is no better time than the present to anoint another Independence Bank Player of the Week. Independence Bank is proud to sponsor a weekly article highlighting players in the areas where Independence Bank flourishes who embody the same type of revolutionary service to their respective football teams which has made Independence Bank unique and special in the banking industry.

Independence Bank has a goal of achieving everyday excellence, and this week we are focusing on a player whose performance exceeded expectations through the first seven games of this season and who will be vitally important to the Storm’s success as we continue to travel down 2023’s path towards the championships. Today, we are focusing on Class of 2025, QB, from South Warren High School, Bryce Button.

Button’s South Warren High is located just down the road from today’s featured branch, the one located on “Williamsburg Square,” 877 Fairview Avenue; Bowling Green, KY. Get on by that branch today and discover what makes our people, products, and services revolutionary in the Kentucky financial industry.

Opponents are finding the most difficult thing to overcome when playing Bryce Button may be his mind

I really have not ever had the financial windfall to dabble much in “Swiss timepieces” but have heard the level of achievable precision is really something. The quality of the movement (I have read) will determine its accuracy.

Premium Swiss movements,…are accurate to +/- 12 seconds per day. What is the accuracy of a movement that loses this number of seconds?

Williamsburg Square, Bowling Green

Here is the formula; Accuracy % = (12/86,400) = 0.000138888%, plus or minus. Incidentally, there are 86,400 seconds in a day (60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours = 86,400 seconds), in case you were wondering from where that figure came.

That seems pretty precise. Not any more precise than Bryce Button’s performance against the Moore Mustangs.

Button completed 10 off 13 passes (77% completion rate) for 215-yards and 4-TD’s against no thrown INT’s. On the year, Button has completed 113 of 177 (64% completion rate) passing attempts for 2,115-yards and 26-TD’s against only 5-picks.

South Warren is among the better coached teams in all of Kentucky

Friday Night Fletch

Button can use his feet a little too. Button has gained 217-yards on the ground in 34-carries, four (4)-of which scored. 

South Warren is among the better coached teams in all of Kentucky. Brandon Smith, the son of another legendary head football coach in Kentucky (Chuck Smith, Boyle County), has enjoyed unparalleled success at the Bowling Green, 5A, program. The School has won numerous championships ( 2015, 2018, and 2021) with Smith at the helm.

South Warren is in the hunt this year also. The Spartans have the commonwealth’s highest RPI and stand 6-1 with a loss to duPont Manual, in Louisville by three (3) point, the only thing between Smith’s club and perfection.

Tonight’s game against Bowling Green Senior High will go along way toward unscrambling the rather murky 5A picture. Both of the teams are among the finest in the commonwealth, at that classification, and Bowling Green entered this season the betting favorite for the 5A title.

Both programs have been a stepping stone toward greatness for the other

Friday Night Fletch

Of course there was always going to be a little matter for the Purples regionally recognized as the South Warren Spartans before Bowling Green was to officially set its sights any higher. Both programs have been a stepping stone toward greatness for the other in recent seasons.

Brandon Smith

How will all of this flesh out? We shall see tonight. Now back to Mr. Button.

Button has many things which recommend him for Division-one play at either the FCS or FBS levels in football. Button is very athletic, starring on the basketball team at guard in addition to what he does in football.

Button also has a 4.0 GPA. Schools will really like seeing that.

Button is 6’3,” and weighs 198-pounds. He is being recruited by programs from University of Louisville to EKU to West Virginia.

It is awfully early to try to forecast exactly where he will land. However, it is clear he will land somewhere and that somewhere will get plenty of major network coverage, if you catch my drift.

For now, Bryce Button will tell you nothing takes precedence over winning tonight’s game with Bowling Green. From there; well, if history means much, it may be a nonstop ride to Lexington. prediction concerning tonight's game: South Warren (75% chance of winning) over Bowling Green by nine (9) points

Congratulations to Bryce Button for his Revolutionary Play over the first seven (7) games of this season which has earned him this week’s recognition from the fastest growing bank in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, your friends at Independence Bank.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron and reminding you that WE’RE JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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  1. This is a good article about a quality young man! My Grandson not only has a 4.0, he is a conscientious leader. His competitive nature & abilities come from good genes. BUT his hard work & determination rounds out Bryce. He s a great kid that will walk the length of the football field to give us a hug. Ma

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