Brent Waggoner is this Week’s Todd County Central Rebel of the Week

The Todd County Rebel of the Week is...

I have always found it fun to see what a coach like Darell Keith can get out of a player, particularly big players. Coach Keith formerly headed up the offensive line for a Class 5A team which had its only undefeated season, in its history, with him on the staff coaching its offensive line. I am sure he wasn’t the only reason, but he certainly played an important part. That team, in being easily one of the top 4-6 teams in its division last season, pounded out nearly as many yards rushing as passing yards, last year, in spite of having a quarterback whom had thrown for over 9,000 yards and 90 TDs over the course of his record-setting career. Coach Keith is able to get a lot out of a trench-man (lineman) as he has demonstrated amply over the course of his illustrious coaching career over the many levels of football where he has coached.

JaTwan Graham

I talk with Coach Keith frequently and one of his favorite things to say to me is Fletch-dogremember this…mass is mass, mass has to be dealt with, mass ain’t nothing to play with in football, it’s just there. He has developed and gotten extraordinary play out of some bigs before too. That is why we are excited to see what a player like Brent Waggoner, this week’s Todd County Central Rebel of the Week, a Class of 2019 prospect, does his senior season. Brent has been primarily deployed as an offensive lineman over the course of his high school football career, though he has also been listed as a DT on the various rosters he has dotted. During his sophomore year, in 2016, Brent was deployed at offensive center some and, last year, he transitioned out to offensive tackle where it appears he will be deployed again in this, his final, season. Waggoner is 5-11 and weighs a hefty 326 pounds. I mean this guy has mass…and mass is mass. The trick for defensive players having to deal with his mass is finding a way around him because coming straight over him is not an attractive option.


Now we have before featured the rising junior at fullback, JaTwan Graham, who is 5-7, 218 pounds and doubles defensively at LB, which should give you an idea of the mentality he brings to running the football up the middle. Graham, at 218 pounds and he is the little guy at FB as Jonathan Flores, who has also played offensive guard at 240 pounds, both can and will play fullback too. Imagine a big package with either Graham or Flores hitting it up inside behind Waggoner’s hard charging 326 pounds of angry, down-hill mass! Yeah, I am ready for football to get here too. Congratulations to this week’s Rebel of the Week, Brent Waggoner, as…

This is Fletcher Long, reporting for KPGFootball reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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