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With the rare physical skills and traits this prospect exhibits and has developed, this guy has to be solidly an All-State candidate and perhaps the top OC in Kentucky High School football.

Fletcher Long, Senior Scout and Editorial Board Member KPGFootball

Around the magazine, we love to play the “What if I told you…” game. Let’s play that game right now with Isaac Blue from Daviess County High.

What if I told you Isaac Blue is 6’3″ and weighs in around 270-pounds? What if I told you Blue bench presses 335, squats 465, and has registered a fully automated, laser, timed-40 of 5.01-seconds?

What if I told you Blue made the FBU (Football University) Freshman All-American team a few years ago? What if I told you Blue anchored a line of scrimmage offensively which threw for 4,064-yards passing a year ago, completed 66.6% of its passing attempts (269/404), rushed for 1,900-yards, averaged 6.23 yards per carry, and scored a TD every 9.8 rushing attempts?

What if I were to tell you Blue, though playing 6A football, was a two way player? What if I were to tell you he had close to 50-stops, 5-TFLs, 2-QB sacks, and a FR?

If I were able to tell you all of those things, what would you tell me? Would you tell me I have a Division-1 prospect on my hands? Would you tell me Blue is a sure-fire, All-Stater? Would you tell me Blue is Kentucky’s very best OC in the ’23 class?

You probably would. If you did, who in the world would blame you?

Well, I can tell you each and everyone of the above things. Each of them is dead-level fact.

Yet the player we are featuring, Isaac Blue, is coming into the summer between his junior and senior years with offers from Kentucky Wesleyan (NCAA, D-2) and Morehead State (NCAA, D-1). Translation, everyone else late to the party is missing something here, but kudos to Wesleyan and Morehead.

This isn’t an Owensboro thing, or a Daviess County thing. It is more of a Kentucky thing.

Only in Kentucky would a freak athlete with elite power and strength numbers combined with elite speed, positionally, be struggling with getting offered at his present frame; which is plenty ample to play any of the three OL slots interiorly at the D-1, college level.

Only in Kentucky would a guy good enough to play “iron man” football, in a classification (6A) where that is rarely attempted, and at a program which was 11-2 just a year ago, need a Sunday feature to get the word out about him.

Well, we don’t work many Sundays around KPGFootball. This guy was good enough to warrant it.

Perhaps Blue is good enough (college recruiter) for you to take a good, long look at him. That would be our suggestion.

We aren’t asking anything of you we don’t require of ourselves.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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