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Is Ben Lafferty one of Kentucky's best DEs? Maybe...

This kid can play. Wish he was playing for Johnson Central. He would have really helped us.

KPGFootball’s Johnson County Affiliate

We really enjoy our “Breakout” series. Judging from the online views, it would appear we aren’t alone.

Now this series generally highlights players who may not have had the most impressive of stats last season but are players about whom we feel sure will explode onto the scene the next. Sometimes the “Breakout Player” is one who already is a star but sort of flies under the radar.

Today, we have Ben Lafferty from Magoffin County. We would argue he is already a star but has been flying under the radar a bit.

We think it is his time in the “hot seat” under the glare of expectations. We think he needs to step out of the shadows and into the sunlight.

Ben is 6-3 and weighs 230-pounds. He has a 3.97 GPA and a registered 29 on his ACT.

This makes him a take at any level, at any school, regardless of how prestigious it may be. Be expecting the “Ancient 8 (Ivy League)” and places like Centre College, University of Chicago, and MIT to try to get involved here.

It would shock us if Georgetown College didn’t get involved and offer this kid before the first game of his senior year. Regardless, you see the kind of talent we are featuring here.

Lafferty is the kind of high school player we love around the magazine. He has a great frame, is strong, powerful, explosive, and an excellent student whose opportunities, next level, will be voluminous.

Fletcher Long, Senior Scout and Editorial Board KPGFootball

Lafferty’s junior season was right productive. With the entire world running away from him, Lafferty recorded 59-tackles, 12 TFLs (2nd on team) with eight (8) QB-sacks (led team). Lafferty also forced a fumble and recovered a pair.

You know, that is the thing about upfield, edge pressure guys with length and explosion like Lafferty; they are always making plays in the backfield and always forcing and recovering fumbles. Amazing how relative these statistics prove to be.

We were able to talk with our Johnson County Affiliate about Lafferty. Johnson County and Magoffin are in close proximity and Lafferty originally hailed from Johnson County where he played football in middle school before moving to Magoffin to enroll in 9th grade.

“This kid can play. Wish he was playing for Johnson Central. He would have really helped us.”

Lafferty will collect these

As for recruiting, Lafferty has already visited UPike on a game day visit. Lafferty’s having a big camp season this coming summer will be key. Many more programs will come to the party, we promise.

In the end, this kid is a college football player. We see him as anything from a Division 1, FCS guy to virtually every other level of play existent. We wouldn’t rule out FBS, mid-major types getting in the mix either.

Lafferty’s Hornets will have an early season tilt in ’22 with Breathitt County. The Bobcats are known to be right tough and have most all of its weapons back from ’21. Breathitt should prove to be a test.

It will be crucial for Lafferty to play well against the type of frames and talent Breathitt will bring off the bus. Lafferty’s production and work against Breathitt’s Bryce Hoskins should be a matchup worth watching.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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