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Braxton Blackburn, 6'3," 275 T/LB, Betsy Lane High

’25 T/LB has the size, on-field production, and mobility to impress college programs

There have been some massive “Blackburns” in the Appalachias. There was a Peyton Blackburn who played for Paintsville a few years ago and helped that squad to a title. We have no idea if the two “Blackburns” are related. However, the two of them share some physical characteristics. This Blackburn, like the last one, is seeing his dance card fill with college suitors interested in adding him to their rosters.

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Blackburn’s Hudl Highlights (Jr. Year)

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Blackburn, No. 53

Betsy Layne is a census-designated place and coal town in Floyd County, Kentucky, United States. It was established in 1875 along the Levisa Fork. The post office opened on May 1, 1908, with Clayton S. Hitchins as postmaster. Its ZIP code is 41605. The 2010 census reported the population to be 688.

As noteworthy as all of the above is, and yes we know you too have Wikipedia, it is not nearly as significant as how well the Bobcats’ football seasons have been going. Betsy Layne High was 10-2 in ’23 and has some significant pieces returning.

For starters, ’26 dual-threat QB, Carter Parsons (’26) returns. Parsons productivity in ’23 is something we will more fully below discuss.

As well as Parsons played in ’23, and as important QB-play is to a HS football program, he may not be the most vital spoke returning to drive the wheel of the Bobcat football program in ’24. Betsy Layne returns T/LB Braxton Blackburn.

Braxton Blackburn is a 6’3,” 275 pound projected offensive tackle who has already drawn the attention of some big-time college programs

Friday Night Fletch

Braxton Blackburn is a 6’3,” 275 pound offensive tackle who has already drawn the attention of some big-time programs at the college level. One reason for the interest is the big-man’s mobility.

Last year, on defense, Blackburn, from his MLB post, led the team in tackles with 106-stops. Blackburn had five (5)-TFLs and two (2)-QB sacks.

On offense, Blackburn played along an offensive front which would see its sophomore QB (Carter Parsons, ’26) blossom. Parsons threw for close to 1,800-yards with 21-TD strikes while rushing for 421-yards and carrying three (3) across the goal line.

The Bobcats were 10-2 in ’23 and lost to Martin County in the second round. Betsy Layne, with what returns up front, on defense, and across the lines of scrimmage, appears poised to make another run.

Braxton Blackburn will be along for his last ride around the eighth-district in 2A. Blackburn would insist his “Bobcats” not be overlooked when discussing title hopefuls.

We usually say, “Yes Sir,” to men with his dimensions. We suppose you may write with your mouth whatever size check you believe your body’s big enough to cash.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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