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Brady Steward, QB, Class of '29

’29 QB throws for 200-yards and four (4) TDs in 7th-grade, Region 1’s 40-0 rout of Region 3

It is hard to tell much about young kids in seventh grade, particularly athletically. Some of them look like grown men and others look like little kids. Frames are as varied at that level as one can possibly fathom. Still, performance is performance and ’29 QB, Brady Steward, from Morganfield, KY (Union County Middle School Indians) served notice at the “Battle of the Regions” his might be a name worth recording.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball


Region I, Battle of the Regions

Got a text last month from the passing game coordinator from Region I in the KYMSFA, Battle of the Regions. What he told me defied belief.

“We just beat Region 3, 40-0,” Coach Mike Evans told KPGFootball as we rubbed our eyes and wondered if what we were reading was accurate or some good-natured prank between two old friends. “Our QB on the 7th-grade team from Union County had 200-yards passing and 4-TDs.”

What? That’s crazy. From where did Evans come up with a 7th-grade QB who could sling it like that?

We did a little digging and found out a few things. For starters, the QB he was referencing was none other than Brady Steward. Steward is 5’6,” and weighs in at around 130-pounds. He’s a slinger and well reputed at that.

Steward impressed me from the 1st practice

Mike Evans, Passing Game Coordinator, Region I

“Steward impressed me from the 1st practice,” Evans told KPGFootball.
“Steward has drop-back mechanics, is head smart, and was able to pick up my ‘air raid’ offensive system extremely fast. Steward proved he could make upper-level reads, progressions, and throws all over the route tree.”

Nicholas Steward

Region 1 beat Region 3 40-0 in the game. It is challenging to get together strangers and have them run much offense with any timing under the circumstances as they present in All-star football. It is even more challenging to have that offense work well enough to hang a 40-piece on an opponent.

What is takes to do that is superior QB-play. Good thing Region 1 had a superior QB.

Steward is 5’6,” and weighs 130-pounds. Steward has a slow to mature frame which will look to add quite a bit of height, length, and heft before this guy reaches the high school, varsity roster.

Union County is among the best 3A programs in Kentucky. The middle school programs does an admirable job restocking the talent in the varsity cupboard from year to year.

Brady Steward is on a collision course with destiny. If he keeps throwing it like he slung it in Battle of the Regions, there is good reason to expect a KHSAA title coming down the pike in Morganfield, KY.

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