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When you rush for over 400-yards in a single game, you get to hang out with cool people

’24 RB from LCA has an incredible game

Hard to fully encapsulate a senior RB, playing 2A football in Kentucky, opening his season on the road against a 5A finalist and preseason top-contender with everyone back, having the type production we saw out of Brady Hensley Saturday night. I mean, who in the world does what we saw Hensley do? Read all about it right here!

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Some performances leave the observer with little to say. What does one say, for instance, when a kid playing 2A football, invades the home turf of the commonwealth’s 5A leading title contender, and gains 402-yards? What does one say when that same back gains these yards in 30-carries for an average of 13.4 yards a carry?

These weren’t a bunch of “Joe Slappies” on the Purples’ defense yielding to this senior RB 5-rushing TD’s either. This wasn’t the “Buster City” boys permitting this same RB to gain nearly 100-yards receiving (87) and another 2-TD’s through the air.

These were the Bowling Green Senior High Purples by-golly. These were ’22 finalists in 5A who had virtually every, single player of import returning. These guys have won seven (7) state titles, the last one of which came in 2020. These guys played for the title just last season and were preseason favorites to win 5A this year.

Hensley’s runs were ‘man runs.’

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We caught up with a former position coach at LCA. He works with KPGFootball scouting talent. He had a few thoughts on how monumental the performance he witnessed really was.

He told KPGFootball, “Hensley’s runs from scrimmage weren’t patsy runs. [They] were man-runs. [These runs were] freaking bulldozer runs. Hensley was carrying Purples like a momma opossum carries her young.”

That certainly paints a picture. As if the numbers weren’t picture enough.

Brady Hensley gained 402-yards rushing, 13.4-yards per carry, while scoring 5-times from scrimmage in the run-game…

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Now, LCA has plenty of talent. LCA has UK commitment, Cutter Boley at QB. He didn’t have a bad night either.

Boley was 22 for 35 through the air, tallying 342-yards passing with 3-TD’s and a pick. The most important statistic was LCA’s finishing on the high-end of a 56-52 “last team with the ball wins,” back and forth affair.

LCA will travel to Boyle County to play the 3-time, defending Kentucky 4A football champions this coming Friday night. Bowling Green Senior plays Owensboro Senior in the battle of the “Senior Highs” at

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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