Here’s Mud[d] in your eye…Class of 2021’s John Mudd

June 6, 2019 Henry Lyon 1

You know the toast, “Here’s mud in your eye” takes on a different connotation completely when you add a “d” to the end of “mud” and capitalize the “M.” Big John Mudd, ranked the 20th best OL in all of Kentucky and 9th best in the Class of 2021, gets in a lot of eyes and it is none too pleasant we hear. This is a guy whose move to the interior OL could net him tremendous benefit owing to his present frame. However, his present frame may not be where he frames out ultimately. Enjoy this article about a kid who has worked himself into a major college prospect.

Todd County’s “The Big Show;” coming to a theatre near you…

June 5, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

KPGFootball are big fans of Coach Darell Keith. We have been out watching the Todd County Rebels practice the past few days and we are becoming big fans of their prospects going forward. Keith is particularly good at coming up with nicknames and his nickname for Justin Waldrop, The Big Show, is a dandy. Enjoy the article about an up and coming team in the area.

Class of 2021’s Jager Burton (@jager_burton), Frederick Douglass

June 5, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

BoyleCo has published a list on Bluegrass Rivals detailing whom he believes to be the 30 best OL in Kentucky High School football. He has taken some heat for it. People, or outlets, who compose lists always take heat. However, this guy has logged 100s of hours on this list, compiling it over the last year. He did a fabulous job. Our list would look very similar. Some may have been in different slots, like Jager Burton (who we would have had higher), today’s feature. However, the 30 he listed would have been on our list too. Enjoy the article.

Some “Do’s and Don’t’s” regarding Combine/Camp season…

June 4, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

If you are a parent, and your son is attending either prospect camps or even instructional camps, you can’t afford to not go over this with him. His very future may well depend on it. These are the KPGFootball “Do’s and Don’t’s” of prospect football camp. Read this, it is critically important.

Belfry’s Adkins adds Future Stars to a growing list of accomplishments

June 3, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

We were thrilled to hear yesterday from the Adkins family Jonah has been added to the Team Kentucky Future Stars-7th active roster for the June 15 show-down with Tennessee. Jonah, in an effort to keep himself physically ready, had been working all along in the event this opportunity should present. Yep, that is the Jonah Adkins we know. That is why he will thrive both in the game, June 15th, and thereafter. Enjoy this article about one of the hardest working and talented members of Kentucky’s 2024-class of football players.

Isaac Dixon is the class of the 2021 class among athletes

June 2, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Isaac Dixon has made both our freshman and sophomore All-State football teams. Today, KPGFootball predicts the football staff at WKU is about to find out exactly why. The former Chapmanville, West Virginian turned Pike County, Kentuckian not only has a ton of class but he is the class of Kentucky’s 2021 class of football prospects. Enjoy the article about one of KPGFootball’s favorites Kentucky-wide.

Cam Jordan, Trigg County, Class of 2020, rising to the top…We called it first!

June 1, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Nothing is more excruciating than someone telling you, “I told you so.” That being said, “we told you so.” We wrote an article about Cam Jordan in September of 2017 which appears to have rung eerily true. Was Fletcher Long an Edgar Cayce worthy clairvoyant? Perhaps. Perhaps, he just knows a ton about football. Anyway, you be the judge and enjoy the article about one of KPGFootball’s favorite Kentucky HS players. HB.

This Week’s Stewart Williams Company’s Robertson County Player of the Week is Greenbrier’s Andy Li, Class of 2021

June 1, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Both Andy’s brother and he were Bret Cooper Junior All-Americans in middle school. Now, Andy is anchoring both sides of the interior fronts for the Greenbrier Bobcats. Even more astounding is how long it took KPGFootball and Stewart Williams Company to make him the Robertson County Player of the Week. High School football teams rise and fall on the efforts of guys like Andy Li. Enjoy this article brought to you by your hometown furniture and appliance store, Stewart Williams Company in Springfield.

It would appear Peyton Blackburn (@Pblackburn77) Class of 2020 Shelby Valley, has joined General Jackson’s “Stonewall Brigade.”

May 31, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

The “Stonewall Brigade” was an immovable object against an enemy onslaught. It resulted in brigadier general Barnard Bee making a remark regarding another brigadier general named Thomas Jackson which would forever define Jackson’s military legacy. What does that have to do with Shelby Valley’s Peyton Blackburn? Why don’t you read this article and find out?