Kentucky High School Football teams who figure to greatly improve in 2019 (This will be a series, today…Meade County & Trigg County)

May 20, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

We have seen Kentucky High School football teams reverse fortune before and rather dramatically. We are starting a series where we are asking Coach Lyons to discuss what teams he sees having huge turn arounds in Kentucky in 2019. Some of these may surprise you. Check back with us as we feature a couple more teams tomorrow. Sorry guys but this is membership only content unless you just buy the article. #MembershipHasItsPriviledges

The Splendiferous Joshuah Keith…

May 19, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

The two young men whose pictures are attached to this article and published on the front page of the magazine will be in next month’s Future Stars Classic QBing Tennessee and Kentucky. Joshuah Keith is an athlete and QB with physical skills which would make him exceptional were he a senior in HS. He’s presently a 7th grader. Read and enjoy this article about a special player and athlete whose equal you may not see again for many years in Kentucky. HB

Barrett Traditional’s Cole Wickliffe, the total package at the TE slot for Team KY-8th Future Stars

May 17, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Old Coach Lyon didn’t know anything about this kid and couldn’t learn anything either through conventional techniques so I asked Coach Long if he wouldn’t lend a hand. Lucky for KPGFootball, Long was able to get Director Hughes who couldn’t be quiet about the kid and his abilities. It would appear this kid is the total package at the TE position. Enjoy the article about Louisville’s Cole Wickliffe.

Team Kentucky’s Carson Wright; Is he 2023’s very best LB in the commonwealth? Maybe…

May 16, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

There is an ongoing debate in Kentucky as to whether Carson Wright or Oscar “JT” Adams is the very best LB in Kentucky in the Class of 2023. Well, old Coach Lyon isn’t sure he can resolve that debate for you other than to say both teams set to add either to its roster this coming Fall is mighty fortunate. Today we will spill some more ink over Carson Wright and are equally sure we will come back and spill ink on JT Adams on down the road. Both of these young men, in Team Kentucky’s defensive second level, spell trouble for Tennessee’s intermediate passing game or its run from scrimmage hopes (for that matter), that is for sure.

Class of 2023 Christian Conyers, Bowling Green, KY

May 15, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

Not every player who would have made the Future Stars team tried out this year. There were some fairly glaring omissions from the rosters. One of the more glaring omissions was a player we call around the magazine C-Squared, Christian Conyers from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Read this article to learn why C-Squared is considered one of 2023’s top prospects by many across the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Class of 2023’s Grant Berkley, Team Kentucky Future Stars (8th) TE…

May 14, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

It must be TE day around KPGFootball. Read this article about an extraordinary TE,MLB prospect headed to play his HS football for the Ballard Bruins. His name is Grant Berkley and he will figure into the Friday night plans for the Class 6A Bruins as early as this Fall. Team Kentucky Future Stars aren’t your normal rising 9th graders. Read this article to discover exactly why that is so.

Hazard’s Memphis Blankenship, Class of 2025 TE…

May 14, 2019 Henry Lyon 0

This is HB Lyons and I am proud to make this article about Team Kentucky’s 6th grade Future Stars TE, Memphis Blankenship my inaugural article on KPGFootball. This is an exciting chapter in my life and I hope you enjoy my articles for years to come.