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Like Bufford Pusser before him, Zander Daniel is also "Walking Tall"

’27 OL/DL looks to have great promise and great feet

Zander (as he prefers to be called) Daniel is quite a specimen. He is 6’3,” and still growing and tips the scales north of three-bills with the feet of a ballet dancer. We love his frame, length, and athleticism and his only short coming (age) is something which fixes naturally over time. East Jessamine appears destined for brighter days with talent like this dotting its roster.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Highlights (Freshman season)

Bufford Pusser was a professional wrestler and, by all accounts, a fine football player for McNairy County in his day. Pusser was 6’6,” and married to a woman who persuaded him to move back home and “settle down.”

Pusser was elected sheriff. Pusser then (perhaps unwisely) wages war in his small Tennessee town with moonshining, prostitution, gambling, and about every other vice existing along the Mississippi-Tennessee state line.

It was the subject of the 1973 classic cult movie, “Walking Tall.” There is a museum in his honor in his former home town (Adamsville). There is also a festival in May honoring him in Adamsville.

Alexander Daniel’s life, so far, has not quite merited a feature film, at least not yet. Hopefully, a film about Daniel’s life will turn out differently than the one made in honor of Sheriff Bufford Pusser. However, give Daniel time, he is (after all) only a freshman in HS.

Daniel, a ’27 big,…[who is] 6’3,” with plenty of length, weighing in the neighborhood of three-bills (300),…possessing the feet of a dancer

Friday Night Fletch

Daniel, a ’27 big, is someone about whom people around Michael Bowlin’s program rave. Daniel is 6’3,” with plenty of length, weighing in the neighborhood of three-bills (300), who possesses the feet of a dancer.

In line of scrimmage play, good feet eat! Ask a young kid around you what that means. It’s a compliment.

East Jessamine struggled through a 2-9 in ’23 but not all 2-9’s are equally constituted. The Jags lost to Wayne County by seven, North Bullitt by three, Garrard by four, Russell by seven, West Jessamine by two, and MoCo (Montgomery County) by a single point. We have added that up and that equals around 24-points from 8-3.

The future looks bright to us regarding the East Jessamine football program. There is young talent which should prove quite formidable when mature. It is well coached and managed.

We know one thing for sure, the Jags will prove a handful if they can bring along some other young bigs the way in which Daniel is maturing. Lines of scrimmage so constituted are known for “Walking Tall” right through its competition. That’s a movie in which we all can relish.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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