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’25 WR hopes to see his PT balloon this coming season

This guy has an incredibly long frame which is exceedingly thin and looks very capable of continuing to grow. This guy’s height, length, and speed will be essential going forward for him as a football college prospect. Cameron Hollaway didn’t get much run in varsity games in ’22, but he is a rising junior and it is expected he will see quite a bit of action this Fall.

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There is an old adage which will be immediately recognizable to many of you reading this article. I am unsure to whom to credit it. I always heard it from my mother, who credited it to her maternal grandfather, so maybe it originated with him.

The saying is…”The rose which blooms last, also blooms longest.” It means that people in life who come late to the party, anatomically, often close down the party. Late bloomers remain in bloom longer than those who mature early.

I have found, in life, this is true. Cameron Hollaway is a “late bloomer.”

Entering his junior year, Hollaway is 5’10,” and weighs just 134-pounds. He is short-trunked, has a long, skinny neck-line perched on narrow shoulders, and is gangly and long at the limb.

Those type guys are the ones who continue to grow much longer than the prospects we have before evaluated, who looked full-grown in eighth-grade. There is literally no telling how tall (or long) this guy will grow to be.

Hollaway, ’25 WR, plays for one of Kentucky’s most accomplished and storied football programs

HB Lyon

We know he plays for one of Kentucky’s finest programs at any level. St. Xavier was 10-2 in 2022 and lost by a single point in the second round to Louisville’s Male High.

We know he plays for one of Kentucky’s all-time HS coaches in Kevin Wallace. We know he will get the opportunity to showcase what he can do against the toughest competition Kentucky can muster together with big-time programs from states touching the commonwealth.

We know this kid is on the football team and looking toward fulfilling his immense promise. We know the kid, in addition to football, is a sprinter on the St. Xavier Track Team and we know what football people say about speed (it thrills and kills).

What we don’t know is what he will do with these advantages. Oh well, as my great-grandfather was fond of saying…you know the rest!

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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