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Southwestern, always seemingly in the hunt

’26 down lineman had a freshman campaign unlike any other player at his position in 5A

Deven Leclerkcq has a sturdy frame at 6’1,” 270-pounds and his 3.8 GPA puts him in play a lot of places. This kids phone will ring the second schools are permitted by NCAA rules to contact him. He is the premier down lineman in Kentucky 5A football. We can’t wait to see what he does in ’23.

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How many freshman down lineman get run on Friday nights across Kentucky in the 5A classification would you reckon? We would bet the number is rather small.

Then add in his playing at one of 5A’s stronger programs. Then add in the team for which he is playing went 13-1 in ’22. Then add in the team was a 5A semifinalist and was ranked at the top of the classification for much of the ’22 season.

How small is your sample size now?

Deven Leclercq is a name which is hard to spell. There are recruiters, right now, practicing. There will be plenty of coaches checking out Somerset, Kentucky and its talented down lineman in the next several years we would be willing to wager.

Leclercq, especially for a freshman in ’22, was outstanding. Leclercq registered 24-tackles, 3-TFL’s, and a QB-sack down in the midst of the trenches where double teams are the norm and not the exception.

Leclercq registered 24-tackles, 3-TFL’s, and a QB-sack as a freshman

KHSAA statistical website

We really can’t sufficiently stress just how superlative that production was for a young guy slotted where he played. Even more amazing is his doing it for a team which had plenty of roster talent.

There is another number which sets this player apart from his competition. This guy is sporting a 3.8 GPA. This puts him in play a lot of places which will spend plenty of money to bring intelligence and talent like that back to its college roster.

Deven Leclercq…learn to spell it now. You won’t be alone.

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