@KrisHughes04 from @UCBraves is the @minguabeefjerky ‘Protein-packed Player of the Week.’ @PrepSpin @1776Bank @MaxPreps @KyHighFootball @UCHSathletics @UnionCoSchools

Guys who find multiple ways to mightily contribute to the team’s victory in more than one phase of the game always seem to impress our voters. This week we picked a guy who could have won this award based off of what he did offensively, standing alone, or what he did on special teams, standing alone. Taken together, it was just too much not to notice. Union County is absolutely red hot and looking over the remaining schedule it looks difficult to forecast a slip up down the stretch. We could be looking at a 10-0 ball club entering the playoffs. If that occurs, today’s recipient will have played a major part in that happening. HB.

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