He’s Back! @Adrian Stringer6 will “Re-Do” his senior year at @HopkinsCentral. @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @1776Bank

Many people around the area considered Adrain Stringer the best QB west of Louisville in HS football in ’20. Many were sorry that his senior season was basically taken from him as the Storm only got 6-games in ’20. Well, Stringer has elected to “Re-Do” his senior year, and as a very young member of the ’21 class, his reclassifying to ’22 looks to be a smart move on his part. In any event, we are sure glad to get to enjoy his on-field performance for another year. How much will he get to play? There is a fine player chomping at the bit for his turn at the wheel in Jaden Brasher. Enjoy the feature. HB.

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