@zech_dabney (Zechariah Dabney, ’23) now at @bryanstationfb hopes his efforts his senior year will be as ‘Defender-ish’ as they were previously ‘be-Devil-ing’… @1776Bank @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @MaxPreps

His friends call him “Zri.” Everyone else calls him “Zechariah” Dabney.

Class 6A, District 7 had a few names for him, some of which weren’t appropriate for publishing in polite company. Suffice it to say, the district knew him as “Henry Clay’s No. 29” but District 8 will come to know him as a Bryan Station Defender.

Dabney was the Blue Devils’ best defensive player. Dabney was among the best defensive players in the entire district and maybe even the classification.

Dabney is 6-2, weighs in the buck-eighty range (180-pounds), and is coming off quite an impressive performance over his Junior season. The performance of the rest of his teammates left a little to be desired (1-10 in ’21).

Dabney registered 68-tackles (led team). Dabney registered 9-TFLs (led team). Dabney registered 2.5 QB-sacks (led team).

Dabney had 2-INTs (tied for team lead). Dabney registered a FF. Dabney got 10-games of run.

If you’re thinking that is quite a bit of production out of one defensive player, you’re right. Dabney played OLB/Edge pass rusher for the Devils defense and we foresee a similar deployment at Bryan Station.

Dabney’s highlights, linked under his picture, demonstrate a hard-charging, up-field burst with excellent leverage when rushing the passer. These same highlights also demonstrate excellent drops into coverage and ball skills when defending the pass.

It is hard to picture how Dabney may be utilize in college. What is easy to forecast is Dabney’s being utilized in college. All which is left is discovering just where his skill-set translates into the college game.

We like Dabney on the edge at the next level. We believe he will likely be a pass-rush specialist in college though we wouldn’t rule out his playing OLB too where he has exhibited quite a bit of coverage ability.

Regardless of where he fits at the next level, opponents still have to survive him next year. Next year, District 8 is likely to find Dabney’s efforts as be-Devil-ing as District 7 found them in ’21. That is our guess anyway.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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