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Not everyone who plays on Friday night is trying to get on to a next-level football team. Believe it or not, there are players who will go to college with an eye toward a career apart from football.

Abram Cusick is a fantastic high school defensive back, who doubles at WR, playing for one of 6A’s more prestigious programs. Cusick also happens to run track for the Ryle Raiders.

Though undersized (5’9″-162-pounds), he is still a team leader, he is still a very productive player. With a 4.04 GPA, this is a young man who will have plenty of options available to him for next-level opportunity either on or off the field.

We want to feature his speed for a second. Now track times are all laser timed. While Cusick is a 12.02-second, 100-meter guy who runs the 200 in 24.16-seconds and the 400-meter in 58.08-seconds (exhibiting above average speed endurance), his 7.35-second, 55-meter, in-door time may illuminate his 40-yard dash more accurately than any other time.

The formula to convert a 55-meter time to a 40-time is the 55 meter time, divided by 1.096361, multiplied by .7272. Under that formula, Cusick’s 40-yard laser-timed 40-yard dash is 4.89-seconds.

We would be the first to tell you this isn’t college corner speed at any level of play. However, there are plenty of fine Friday night corners that speed or slower.

Looking at his Friday night production, Cusick has been getting it done. Over his junior year, Cusick has registered 32-tackles, 1.5 TFLs, and an INT he returned 45-yards. He even contributed a pair of receptions in spite of his primarily being a defender.

We would like to see his use on offense continue to grow. We believe he could be a very productive offensive weapon with the ball in his hands in space.

Regardless this is a fine player playing at Kentucky highest level of competition. He’s a Friday night superstar, regardless of whether or not he plays on Saturdays anytime in the future.

If you love the high school game, which is football in its purest state, Cusick should be celebrated. All hail the King!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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